Caught up with the latest Ninja vs StableRonaldo drama? Don’t worry if not. We’ve got you covered.

The streaming world always loves sparking up drama. Bowling for Soup's hit song "High School Never Ends" really ties it down; high school really does never end. Recently, popular streamer Ninja decided to throw shade at StableRonaldo while drunk on stream.

Ninja, who was live with TimTheTatMan and Cloakzy when he made his comments about Ronaldo, which were not received well by the streamer and his community.

In fact, even people who have never heard of Ronaldo are upset with Ninja's statements.

Ninja throws shade at StableRonaldo, sparking an uproar on the internet

Recently, Ninja, Cloakzy and TimTheTatMan were streaming together from Tim's setup, sitting back and drinking brewskis. Unfortunately, Ninja struggled to hold in some of his thoughts when StableRonaldo pulled up to the stream to say hi.

"Ronaldo is literally 1/20th of our following and is completely irrelevant," said Ninja when Ronaldo came into their stream. "He tried to be an IRL streamer and failed miserably."

Ronaldo, who had not said anything to spark a fight, responded on Twitter: "People say sh*t they mean when they are drunk."

Even in that moment, Cloakzy spoke up trying to defend Ronaldo. "I love Ronaldo man," said Cloakzy.

But Ninja didn't stop there.

"Ronaldo peaked when he was f*cking playing Fortnite," said Ninja. "Hey Ronaldo, quit the drama and go back to the competitive scene."

The unfortunate fact about these actions is every streamer knows how hard it can be at times when bashing your own self. Hearing large streamers come at your content is never helpful.

Ninja apologizes but Ronaldo does not accept it

Later on, Ninja came forward and personally apologized to Ronaldo for his action. He stated that it was just a joke and that he likes Ronaldo's content, but Ronaldo did not accept the apology.

"Don't think sh*ts sweet," said Ronaldo in his live stream when addressing Ninja's apology. "It is not sweet."

Ronaldo came back strong with bashing Ninja after his comment. The drama is still continuing via social media. No sort of harassment is justified from either party, but Ninja's comments to spark this controversy were definitely too far.

So... what are your opinions? Did Ninja take things too far? Or is Ronaldo retaliating in an inappropriate way?

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