Ninja has officially been told he is cancer-free.

Popular Fortnite creator, Ninja, announced today that he is officially cancer-free. This comes after the streamer was given a melanoma diagnosis just last week.

The creator took to Twitter to share his gratitude.

Ninja is officially cancer-free

Skin cancer is a very serious and scary disease, and with Ninja only being 32 years old, finding out you have a cancer of the sort is absolutely terrifying.

Last week the creator took to Twitter to make the announcement, saying that a mole had been spotted on his foot and came back as cancerous.

He also included that he was very thankful for being able to find this mole fast before anything worse could happen. Luckily, it seems as if the situation is going in a positive direction for the creator.

"Just got the news from my dermatologist," said Ninja on Twitter. "Excision was successful with clear margins. Lesion biopsied nearby showed only mild atypia and was entirely removed with the biopsy. As of right now, I am officially cancer-free."

He also added at the end: "Thank you all for the prayers and kind words this last week. Love you all."

A moment as such is something to cherish. Hopefully, Ninja does not have any future complications.

What is melanoma?

The cancer Ninja was diagnosed with, Melanoma, is a skin disease that occurs when the pigment-producing cells (cells that give us our skin color) become cancerous.

Luckily, unlike other cancers, the disease can be caught quite fast. Abnormal moles usually form, which is an easy sign of melanoma.

Getting a yearly check-up is important for your health and well-being. Make sure you always consult with a doctor if you spot anything abnormal on your skin.

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