NICKMERCS vs. Scump: MFAM Gauntlet returns at UFC X cover image

NICKMERCS vs. Scump: MFAM Gauntlet returns at UFC X

The MFAM Gauntlet by NICKMERCS returns to UFC X in Las Vegas for an open gaming tournament with a $100,000 prize pool.

With the upcoming UFC International Fight Week, NICKMERCS is bringing back his successful esports series The MFAM Gauntlet during the UFC X. Together with the Call of Duty legend, Scump, he is going to be headlining the event which will promise a greater fan experience with a $100,000 USD reward.

NICKMERCS vs. Scump in Battle of the Champs for MFAM Gauntlet at UFC X.
NICKMERCS vs. Scump in Battle of the Champs for MFAM Gauntlet at UFC X.

The upcoming MFAM Gauntlet has now expanded to include the fans in all the excitement. NICKMERCS and Scump will be hosting an esports tournament that will see fans going against each other and have a chance to compete alongside the gaming personalities for a grand prize.

The event will take place together with the combat sports’ largest fan festival, UFC X at the Las Vegas Convention Center. UFC X is a yearly event that provides fans the opportunity to meet up with UFC personalities and attend interactive exhibits, live stage programming, and expanded autograph sessions.

In the last MFAM Gauntlet during the UFC X 2022, NICKMERCS defeated TimtheTatman in the ‘Battle of the Ages’. The two gaming personalities went against each other in Apex Legends and EA SPORTS UFC 4.

Fans in attendance will have a chance to win a $100,000 prize pool

The esports tournament will be happening at the main hall of UFC X for two days on July 7 to July 8. The schedule for the event will be as follow:

  • July 7: 12 p.m. PT to 3 p.m. PT
  • July 8: 12 p.m. PT to 4 p.m. PT

On the first day, ten fans in attendance will be able to compete in an open tournament series to fight for the top places on the leaderboard. Two finalists will go against each other and the winner will be joining Scumps' team for the second day. They will also get VIP tickets to UFC 290 happening later that night. Meanwhile, the other finalist will join NICKMERCS' team.

We will also witness NICKMERCS and Scump together with guest talents participating in a friendly competition. The guest talents include:

  • Joseph “JoeWo” Wohala
  • Baka Bros:
    • Diaz "Biffle"
    • Hector "Repullze" Torres
    • Lucky Chamu
  • FaZe Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto
  • Thomas "Tommey" Trewren
  • Alexia Raye

The second day will be a face-off between Team NICKMERCS and Team SCUMP where the two personalities compete together with the winners of the previous tournament for a $100,000 prize pool. The format, game titles, and team assignments will be announced later on the tournament day itself.

“I wish I had opportunities like this when I was coming up,” said NICKMERCS. “We’re bringing nothing but positivity, healthy competition, and a big bag to Vegas for The MFAM Gauntlet. I can’t wait to get back in front of the crowd, play, and give one skilled fan a shot at $100,000. The Gauntlet at UFC X is going to be crazy!”

NICKMERCS during The MFAM Gauntlet in UFC X 2022.
NICKMERCS during The MFAM Gauntlet in UFC X 2022.

Where to watch The MFAM Gauntlet

Day one will not be broadcasted on any live stream, meaning you will have to attend the event in Las Vegas to witness the showdown. However, day two will be available on the live stream channels of participating talent and the official UFC Twitch channel.

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