NICKMERCS defeats Scump and won The MFAM Gauntlet back-to-back at UFC X cover image

NICKMERCS defeats Scump and won The MFAM Gauntlet back-to-back at UFC X

The MFAM Gauntlet Battle of the Champs saw the coronation of a back-to-back champion of NICKMERCS at the UFC X 2023.

The MFAM Gauntlet just crowned a back-to-back champion. None other than the well-known gaming personality, NICKMERCS himself. This is his second The MFAM Gauntlet event which is held together with the UFC X at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In the last event called the Battle of the Ages, he competed against Timothy " TimTheTatman" John Betar in two game titles which are Apex Legends and EA SPORTS UFC 4. This time, he expanded the event to include more gaming personalities together with the fans.

The champion belt for The MFAM Gauntlet Battle of the Champs between NICKMERCS and Scump (Image from MFAM Central)
The champion belt for The MFAM Gauntlet Battle of the Champs between NICKMERCS and Scump (Image from MFAM Central)

Known as The MFAM Gauntlet Battle of the Champs, the event offers the chance for fans attending the event to compete together with NICKMERCS and Scump to win a total prize pool of $100,000 USD. The fans first have to compete with each other in an Apex Legends tournament to qualify for the only spot in either Team NICKMERCS or Team Scump on the following day. They will also get their hands on VIP tickets to UFC 290.

The first day saw a tight competition between the fans attending THE MFAM Gauntlet live at the UFC X. In the end, the tournament was won by Slicks and he gets to join Team Scump on the next day of the competition.

Going into the second day, NICKMERCS and Scump have to go through two tournaments to secure the champion title and the $100,000 USD prize. The first tournament was a 5v5 Apex Legends tournament and the second one was a 1v1 EA SPORTS UFC 4 tournament between NICKMERCS and Scump.

NICKMERCS stump Scump in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends tournament was between Team NICKMERCS and Team Scump. They were joined by Slicks together with other gaming personalities in their teams.


  • Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto
  • Lucky Chamu
  • Diaz "Biffle"
  • Hector "Repullze" Torres

Team Scump:

  • Scump
  • Thomas "Tommey" Trewren
  • Alexia Raye
  • Joseph “JoeWo” Wohala
  • Slicks

There were six TDM matches in the tournament and each match has a custom rule set. NICKMERCS and his team totally dominated the tournament except for a slight hiccup in Game 4. His team won the $25,000 USD prize as they went on to gain 600 points compared to Scump with only 100 points.

Nickmercs knocked out Scump on 1v1 UFC 4

The EA SPORTS UFC 4 matches were the finale of The MFAM Gauntlet and it was between NICKMERCS and Scump. There were five matches with three rounds each.

NICKMERCS and Scump played Alexander Volkanovski and Yair Rodriguez respectively from UFC 290 Main Event for their first match. With a right kick on the face, NICKMERCS took down Scump in the second round of the first match.

On the second match, NICKMERCS and Scump selected Brandin Moreno and Alexandre Pantajo respectively from the UFC 290 Co-Main Event. Scump manages to stay alive in the tournament with a win in Round 3.

Scump was hanging by a loose thread when he reached Game 3. Both NICKMERCS and Scump got to play using custom characters of themselves. With NICKMERCS then emerging as the winner, it was already impossible for Scump to gain enough points to overtake NICKMERCS in The MFAM Gauntlet, making NICKMERCS the champion of the Battle of the Champs.

After a sudden rule change where the Game 4 winner will win the $25,000 USD prize, Scump did try to bring NICKMERCS down. However, with a knockout in Round 2, NICKMERCS is crowned the winner of the EA SPORTS UFC 4 tournament.

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