Could your account be at risk of suspension?

A new Twitch Username Policy is set to raise a higher standard moving forward as they attempt to curb hateful conduct and harassment.

Twitch has announced their new Twitch Username Policy that will enforce stricter guidelines for usernames moving forward. Existing inappropriate usernames will also be removed. 

Creating this new Username Policy will help the machine learning at signup better understand what offensive usernames to filter out. 

Why was the Twitch Username Policy created?

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The Twitch Username Policy is being made with the goal to implement a higher standard on Twitch. Though there is a pre-existing base around offensive usernames, the popular streaming platform believes that more work can be done overall.

“Although we’ve removed many reported, offensive usernames under our current policy, we believe establishing a stronger standard is needed to cultivate a diverse, inclusive global community on Twitch. “

Twitch plans to maintain this new policy by enhancing the number of filters for reported usernames. Usernames that reference sexual acts, such as arousal, fluids, and genitalia as well as hard drugs are at risk for immediate removal.

Names pertaining to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana will receive an exemption in the initial stages of the new Twitch Username Policy.

What if your username is flagged?

Statistics of the Twitch Watch Hours in 2021.

To mitigate the impact for long-standing users, Twitch will implement a tiered enforcement approach. This will allow community members who displayed good behavior to adjust to these universal standards.

The Twitch Username Policy will continue to issues indefinite suspensions for malicious usernames. Users that fall within the new community guidelines will be flagged for reset and allowed to change the username with no repercussions. Though, any attempts to create a new username violating this policy will prompt the machine learning model and force you to suggest another name.

To accommodate for these new changes, Twitch users will have until Mar. 1 to adapt to the new Username Policy without any channel issues.

“We want Twitch to be safe, we want Twitch to be inclusive and we want Twitch to be a place for positivity,” The blog concluded, “Thank you for your continued partnership in helping make Twitch a place we all want to be.”

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