Is AI technology growing TOO fast?

Deepfake videos have taken the spotlight over the last few years, and every day the technology to make them gets better and better. Recently, a deepfake video, made using AI technology, of MrBeast has created quite a controversy.

The question many have had is how long until they get good enough to make people think they are real.

Well, the answer is now.

AI video claiming to be MrBeast surfaces

A deepfake video made with AI technology recently surfaced on the internet, where it shows a fake MrBeast talking about an ABSURD iPhone 15 giveaway.

In the video, the fake MrBeast claims that he is giving away an iPhone 15 to 10,000 different people for only $2. At the end, the video points to a link for people to head to and claim their iPhone. Obviously, the giveaway was not real but tricked quite a few people into clicking the link and possibly giving away their information.

MrBeast took to Twitter to speak out against the AI video.

"Lots of people are getting this deepfake scam ad of me. Are social media platforms ready to handle the rise of AI deepfakes?" said MrBeast on Twitter. "This is a serious problem."

With AI technology improving, many Social Media platforms are going to have to work at recognizing what's real and what's not. Being able to take down videos before they get popular will be vital.

AI is taking over Content Creation

Already, we have seen various YouTube creators utilize AI technology to create thumbnails, scripts and even edit their entire YouTube videos. How long before creators are able to use deepfake technology to act in their videos?

At one point, AI will be able to do everything, taking away jobs and opportunities from everyone. While the technology is amazing, there are definitely some repercussions that come along with it.

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