Mr. Beast and mystery judge crown Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory winner cover image

Mr. Beast and mystery judge crown Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory winner

And soon after the winner sold the chocolate factory for an insane sum.

Popular for his extravagant projects, Mr.Beast recreated Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and it is nothing short of amazing. Mr. Beast and his team built an almost identical replica of Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory including the iconic chocolate river and waterfall, a chocolate wall, the marshmallow room and more. Ten contestants took part in a competition that would ultimately decide the winner of the chocolate factory. There was a surprise guest in the final challenge to decide the ultimate winner.

This doesn’t feel real at all. Feels like I’m dreaming.

one of the contestants on entering the chocolate factory.

Hide and Seek

The first challenge was a simple Hide and Seek. Contestants went into various rooms and hid as Mr. Beast and his crewmates were out in search. The first person to be eliminated was the one wearing a cowboy hat. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see more of him in the latter rounds after the early elimination.

Climb the Chocolate Wall of Death

The next contest was another straightforward contest, where the remaining participants had to climb up a wall. But it’s not a normal wall, it’s a chocolate wall. The wall was strong enough to hold all the contestants as they climbed up and there was no danger at any time. 

Ultimately, this contest had to be decided by a rock-paper-scissor challenge as two of the players did not reach the top. Eight players remain.

Mr. Beast Chocolate Factory: Eating Contest

How’s it fair if you are in a chocolate factory and don’t show your love for chocolate? We enter the eating contest. The eight participants form four teams of two players each. Each team is tasked with eating a giant bar of chocolate. The final team to finish their chocolate bar is eliminated. 

Menthol in the World’s largest Coke bottle

The next challenge was to throw a giant mentos tablet into the ‘World’s largest bottle of Coke’. This challenge had a unique twist as the winner would get to choose who to eliminate from the remaining players. It took the players quite a few tries but finally one of them got it in. And as expected, the coke bottle erupted leaving a very large stain on the Chocolate factory. 

Mr. Beast’s Challenge: The Marshmallow Room

Are you not entertained yet? Well, the next room takes the contestants into the Marshmallow room. Yes, you read that right, it’s a giant room made of Marshmallows. 

The contestants have to balance themselves on a giant piece of peppermint. The first to fall loses and will have to find his way through the chocolate waterfall. 

Wait, there’s a twist. The peppermint’s spin and Mr.Beast controls the speed of the spin. 

Choose the right toilet to be wrong

The competition is down to the final four. And now, we move to the toilet section. No, it’s not about contestants relieving themselves but about choosing the authentic toilets. Out of the four, one is made of cake. The contestant that chooses the toilet made of cake will have to go through the chocolate waterfall. 

All four contestants had to sit on their chosen toilet. The loser made of mess of things. 

The Gordon Ramsay Willy Wonka Challenge

And for the final challenge, Mr. Gordon Ramsay made a special appearance on the show. The final three contestants had 45 minutes to come up with a dessert to be judged by Gordon Ramsay. That’s a terrifying thought for these wannabe chefs.

In his elements, Gordon Ramsay took over the show, asking each contestant what their plan was. Most of them had no idea what to do and having a celebrity chef did not ease the pressure.

Watching the contestants being judged was even more fun than their cooking. As Gordon Ramsay fumbled with one dessert after another, there was a lot on the line. The winner of this contest would go on to win the Chocolate factory.

While two of the three contestants’ dishes were a mess, the final one told a story. It was an attempt to recreate the elimination boat on the chocolate river. The themed-presentation as well as decent taste won the Chocolate Factory.

Well… Mr. Beast then bought the Chocolate factory for $500,000 off of the winner. Well-known for his extravagant projects, Mr. Beast has once again outdone himself. The famous YouTuber has previously recreated the Squid Games which was a massive success.

You can catch the entire episode on YouTube here.

The video has been wildly successful with more than 23 million views on it so far. Excited viewers have left positive comments, many reminiscing their childhood stories and in awe of this one coming to life.

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