Iron Mike will need a few more week before he knocks Jake Paul “out of boxing for good”

Jake Paul's highly anticipated bout against the legendary Mike Tyson has been delayed! The Youtuber-turned-boxer was preparing to take on Mike Tyson in a July 20th event, but medical issues have sidelined the former champion. Netflix announced the postponement in a post on X, stating that they will announce a new date next week.

Mike Tyson's Ulcer Flareup stops training

"[Tyson] became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flareup 30 minutes before landing. He is appreciative to the medical staff that was there to help him.”

Tyson's Representative following Miami to Los Angeles Flight

Initially, statements claimed Tyson's condition would not affect the upcoming fight with Jake Paul. However, after subsequent consultations with doctors, they advised Tyson to lighten his training load for a few weeks while he recovers.

"I fully support postponing the event so Mike Tyson has no excuses come Fight Night" - Jake Paul

While Mike Tyson's cocky tweet from a couple of days ago might have said he's ready to fight even with the issues, given his age, it's better to proceed with caution and have the event delayed. Jake Paul, too, was supportive in his usual style. The youngster said he doesn't want to face Iron Mike at anything but his best.

"I fully support postponing the event so Mike Tyson has no excuses come fight night," said Jake Paul. "My fans know I don't want to face Iron Mike at anything but his best, but let there be no mistake - when he steps into the ring with me, I will be ready to claim my with a sensational finish. Paul vs Tyson will be one for the ages, and I promise to bring my best for this once-in-a-lifetime matchup."

Jake Paul

Should Mike Tyson do the fight?

While some users of X (Formerly Twitter) raised their concern over the ongoing fight, Mike Tyson seems as determined as ever. In the same statement, Iron Mike made sure to mention that his body feels better than it has done in the last three decades.

Image Via MVP's X
Image Via MVP's X

What about the Mike Tyson - Jake Paul tickets?

Promoted MVP has confirmed that tickers for the July 20th event at the AT&T Stadium will still be honored for the upcoming date. No action is required if fans want to attend the delayed fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

How to request a refund for Jake Paul Mike Tyson Delayed Fight Tickets?

MVP understands that some ticket holders may be unable to attend the event. Those unable to attend are eligible for a refund from their point of purchase. To Request a refund, contact SeatGeek at [email protected] with the subject line "Paul VS. Tyson".

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Featured Image Via Netflix's X