A NFT based on popular Twitch streamers like Asmongold, Valkyrae, Dr Disrespect, and others shut down after being publicly shamed by Ludwig.

NFT projects are a dime a dozen these days, and standing out from the crowd in a sea of noise has proven difficult. So it's perhaps more than a little understandable that MetaDeckz, a NFT project focusing on Twitch streamers and their likenesses popped up. The problem? The creator didn't ask permission from any of the streamers involved.

What is Metadeckz?

Metadeckz was a small NFT project, but drew the attention of the Twitch community when Ludwig Ahgren publicly shamed the creator of Metadeckz for using his likeness without permission. It was quickly discovered that the creators behind this NFT were using art they'd made of several high-profile streamers, including Dr Disrespect, Asmongold, Valkyrae, and others.

Here's an example of the Valkyrae cards.
Here's an example of the Valkyrae cards.

Several examples of what the NFTs would look like were shared on Twitter, with several rarity levels for each streamer. The art is impressive, and the project may have even been successful in the long run, had they worked with the streamers involved.

However, the sentiment towards NFTs in the Twitch (and gaming) communities at large is negative, at best. Downright toxic, at worst.

Not only that, but Metadeckz claimed to have only wanted to share art with the community, but laid out a full roadmap as with most NFT drops, with several rarity levels, as well as price points.

Ludwig blasts Metadeckz NFT as a "low-effort scam"

Ludwig laid out his grievances with the project on Twitter, after the creator expressed his position:

"This is a dishonest twist on the reality of your actions. You say you just want to share art but you laid out a roadmap for a 2nd drop and an app on your website. You have 5 levels of rarity and a $200+ floor."

The Ludwig NFT in motion.
The Ludwig NFT in motion.

The legality of using a streamer's likeness is questionable, at best. There has been a precedent of people going to court over artists selling drawings of celebrities, which settled in favor of the artist. However, it gets murky when talking about streamers, who can trademark their names as a brand. And NFTs introduce another wrinkle into the proceedings. Nonetheless, Ludwig claims this was all done without permission. And he also refutes the claim that this was all done for his "community," rather asseting that it seems to have been looking to take advantage of the fame and community that streamers have built.

"You claim you reached out," Ludwig went on. "I checked. You sent a Twitter DM less than 24 hours ago and ALREADY completed the art. You didn't even follow me on Twitter until slimes QRT. It feels like you just reached out to cover your ass rather than get permission. Claiming this is for my community is insane because my community roasts NFT projects for their shady practices- your project being a prime example."

His final bit to the statement is perhaps the deathblow, and sums up the entire situation quite nicely.

"This is nothing more than a low-effort scam. You're trying to make a few thousand from my viewers and the viewers of other large streamers. The worst part is you're a talented artist. But it's all going to waste."

Metadeckz NFT project disbands in response to Ludwig

The creator of Metadeckz replied to Ludwig, promising to disband the project following his outbursts. The other streamers mentioned have not yet commented on their likenesses being used, but it seems that this is now a moot point, as the project has disbanded.

"Ludwig, [I've] been following your stream for years. These accounts were created in conjunction with Meta Deckz. I'd give away the cards for free, not in it for the money," the artist shared on Twitter. "Was inspired by Marvel and trading cards to create characters with lore and backstory, this is far from a rug pull project. I could have done this without using any person's likeness, but I honestly thought you and the other streamers might like them."

It seems that, like many artists, the folks behind Metadeckz simply saw an opportunity they thought would get streamers on board.

"I'm not an NFT enthusiast, I don't like 99% of them. I'm an artist who saw an opportunity, and I tried to do something cool with the space. But I see where you're coming from. Sorry to upset you. We will not sell these and will disband the entire project."

NFTs and gaming continue to mix like oil and water - and it seems that trend will be ongoing, especially in the case of digital art. At present, the Metadeckz project is tweeting out the art that was done for the NFT, which is apparently being done instead of selling the NFTs.

Esports.gg reached out to both Ludwig and Metadeckz for comment on the issue.

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