In a recent YouTube video, ludwig announces an update to his Mogul.TV Chrome extension – following cancellation of Twitch-linking features.

Since his move to YouTube Gaming from Twitch, streamer Ludwig ‘ludwig’ Ahgren has always expressed an interest in one thing - making the transition smoother for his long-time fans. 

YouTube streamer, Ludwig Ahgren
YouTube streamer, Ludwig Ahgren

Ludwig's Mogul.TV 1.0 brings Twitch to YouTube

Introducing the Mogul.TV extension in his 'Why I Left Twitch' video, he cites numerous features that will make his viewers feel right at home. He worked with Ottomated, a developer responsible for well-known Among Us mods back in its era of fame.

One of the features is the ability to link your Twitch account to your YouTube account. This allows viewers to keep their months'-long subscription streak from Twitch to continue it on YouTube

Ludwig's chat
Ludwig's chat

And whenever he streams, viewers would be able to watch his live stream without ever leaving Twitch.

A failed workaround

However, in his recent video, Ludwig mentions how some features would not be able to run anymore. “Twitch stopped the entire extension from authenticating with their website,” he said. “And the reason was valid. I was using it for a competitor.”

YouTube has been actively working on being a prominent streaming platform in the past few years, which makes them a direct competitor to Twitch. Ludwig realizes this and is quick to affirm that he ‘understands why they did it.'

Ludwig’s solution

“This is the one I’m the most nervous about,” the streamer confesses. Instead of linking it to Twitch, your account will have to be linked to Discord. You also have to fill in the number of months that you were subscribed to Ludwig as accurately as possible.

Ludwig addresses how this feature could easily be manipulated by people. “This means that I really need you guys to try your best. Not only to do it but to be honest about it.. So that’s basically an ask from me to you guys. Hopefully, you can acquiesce that. ”

It seems that he would rather risk some unruly viewers rather than having to cancel the entire feature out - his token of appreciation for loyal fans.

Features of Mogul.TV 2.0

After the update, Mogul.TV is still a rather cool extension to have -especially if you were an avid viewer of Twitch who wants to convert to the other side. 

For one, the Mogul.TV 2.0 extension ensures that BTTV emotes work in chat, allowing you to type your OMEGALULs and PepeLaughs.

YouTube’s layouts are different in theatre mode, making it quite awkward to read chat if you don’t want to sacrifice the stream‘s size. Mogul.TV solves this by placing it side by side and eliminating the black space.

YouTube in Theatre Mode
YouTube in Theatre Mode
YouTube in Theatre Mode with Mogul.TV
YouTube in Theatre Mode with Mogul.TV

And the most recent update that ludwig also mentions in the video, is the chat’s speed. By making it buffer every few seconds, the chat is more eligible -both for the streamer and viewers.

The Mogul.TV extension also works for Safari and Firefox now, according to the streamer.

Safe to say that Ludwig and Ottomated’s work is nothing short of inspiring, bringing us cool features to further better the platform. Who knows what else they may bring to the table in upcoming updates?

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