Logic’s journey from FaZe Clan montages to Grammy award nominations.

Award-winning rapper Logic posted a video thanking FaZe Clan and its founders for being a "driving force" at the beginning of his career. He expresses his gratitude for the original group of trickshotters and the love their community showed him.

New fans may not know, but Logic had a big jump in popularity via collaborations with FaZe Clan in 2012. These include wearing FaZe merch in a music video and having him and his songs featured in their content.

The history with FaZe

Screenshot of The Lab S2 Ep 1 (Image via esports.gg)
Screenshot of The Lab S2 Ep 1 (Image via esports.gg)

During an episode of The Lab podcast two years ago, Logic briefly explains how his relationship with Faze Clan began. Everything stems from co-founder Thomas "Temperrr" Alves Oliveira sending him a message out of the blue one day.

At the time, Temperrr was merely a fan of Logic, who had no clue what FaZe Clan was. All he knew was that a kind fan was reaching out and they enjoyed Call of Duty just like he did. Then, in a seemingly small gesture, Temperrr offered to send Logic a FaZe hoodie which would change the rapper's career.

Logic decided to wear that hoodie in his music video, The Spotlight. Millions of views then poured in out of nowhere from FaZe fans finding the video and sharing it with others. This was an unprecedented amount of attention for Logic and the video now sits at over 19 million views.

During the podcast episode, Logic reveals that he chose to wear the FaZe Clan hoodie on a whim. He shares, "It was pretty cold in Maryland and I needed to shoot a video and I was wearing all black and I was like, 'Oh this hoodie’s really cool it matches my infrared Jordan 6’s.'"

After that, FaZe Clan proceeded to include both his music and Logic himself in a ton of their content. Episode 38 of FaZe's ILLCAMS series features The Spotlight and became a hit amongst the Call of Duty and gaming community. Fans of the rapper and the group of content creators still look back on it with heartfelt nostalgia.

Today, Logic's received two Grammy nominations, has 9.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a song with over 1.3 billion listens on the platform. Just last week, the rapper announced a clothing collection in collaboration with Crunchyroll and the cult classic anime Cowboy Bebop. Needless to say, he never could've predicted that simply feeling cold would significantly change the trajectory of his career.

Logic shares his love for FaZe Clan

Screenshot of Logic's Tweet (Image via esports.gg)
Screenshot of Logic's Tweet (Image via esports.gg)

Feeling thankful for those who helped him along the way, the rapper made a post on Twitter. In a short video, Logic voices his appreciation for Temperrr, FaZe Clan, and the support their community gave him. He also shouts out the gaming community as a whole as something he enjoyed being a part of even back when it was considered "nerdy."

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