Kick streamers can now make an hourly wage while streaming.

Streaming is evolving, and more and more platforms are emerging with new ways to help creators make money. Kick, one of the newest streaming platforms to join the game, announced the rollout of their new Creator Incentive Program, which will pay creators who stream hourly.

Here are all the details you need to know about the new Kick program.

33 streamers join the Kick Creator Incentive Program

Kick acquired 33 new streamers for their new program, calling them their "First Class." The platform has already been paying various streamers hourly who have signed exclusive contracts with them, but this new program introduces a bar for others to grind for.

As of now, the amount each creator is making hourly is unknown. It could differ from streamer to streamer.

Kick assures creators that this is just the beginning. New opportunities and benefits will be introduced with the program later on.

Kick Creator Incentive Program (Image via Kick)
Kick Creator Incentive Program (Image via Kick)

How to join the Kick Creator Incentive Program

Do you want to join Kick's new program? The platform posted their official requirements to apply for the program on their website.

Kick Creator Incentive Program requirements to join:

  • 30-Day Average CCV: 126
  • Average Subscriptions per Month: 239 (Gifted OR Direct)
  • Unique Chatters per Month: 337
  • Stream Hours per Month: 89

Kick also announced that their second wave of creators, titled "Phase 2 Class", will be announced on October 1, and "Phase 3 Class" to be revealed on November 1, 2023. Whether this means they will be announcing a new set of creators joining the program on the first of every month is unknown.

Start putting in the hours now, and maybe you will see yourself in Kick's new program soon!

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