Jacksfilms breaks silence after SSSniperWolf’s doxxing incident to talk about his future plans regarding his JJJackfilms YouTube channel.

After almost three weeks of total silence, Jacksfilms returned to YouTube after the SssniperWolf doxxing scandal. In his most recent video, he talks about his plan regarding his YouTube channel going forward from the incident.

Last October, the YouTube sphere was disturbed by a doxxing incident involving two of YouTube's veteran content creators, Jacksfilms and SSSniperWolf. Jacksfilms had been one of SSSniperWolf's greatest critics. He criticized her reaction videos that he deemed non-transformative without giving benefits to the original creators. In an unexpected turn, SSSniperWolf uploaded a picture of Jacksfilms' house on her Instagram, committing the crime of doxxing.

In his latest video, he talks briefly about the doxxing incident. "We're just in this weird limbo of scared to leave our home and strongly considering moving." He also went on to say how he and his wife are grateful for all the support they received after the scandal. However, he didn't comment on SSSniperWolf's apology or YouTube's action on the incident.

Jacksfilms turning his JJJacksfilms YouTube channel into a content creator workshop

On his plan moving forward, he had announced a change of direction for his JJJacksfilms YouTube channel. "I can't stress how off things have been since the incident but this is my literal job. I have to do something with this channel."

From now on, the channel will be used as a content creator workshop called the Creator Bingo. Creators get to submit their videos to Jacksfilms to receive constructive feedback. Jacksfilms said this new series will still focus on his mission of crediting the creators in addition to helping them make their content better.

"Obviously, I'll shoutout the creators. I'll link to them in the description once the series starts but most importantly, I'll only react to videos from creators that consent to me reacting to them".

In his first stream piloting the new series, he revealed how he has received thousands of submissions for the Creator Bingo. He will then go through all the submissions live on his Twitch channel where his viewers get to participate in the series.

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