So you want to start streaming on Twitch, but don’t know where to even find your stream key? Look no further.

So, you want to be a professional streamer on Twitch? Hold your horses there, amigo. First, you're going to have to find out a couple of things. Namely, how to go live on Twitch using software like OBS with your Twitch stream key.

How to find your Twitch stream key?

Most streaming software uses a password called a "stream key" to link up with your Twitch account.

  • Go to and log into your Twitch account.
  • Click on your profile in the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Channel and Video once you’re in your settings.
  • Select Preferences, then Channel from the left-hand sidebar. Your primary stream key will be at the top of the page.
  • Copy and paste your stream key into your encoding software.

You have your key, now what?

Now that you've got your stream key, you can go live. Of course, none of that would be useful information without knowing how to set up your stream. In order to do that, you should at the very least know how to select a scene in OBS to broadcast.

To get started, in OBS you can click the + icon under scenes and select a source to broadcast. This can range from things like capturing your whole monitor, a game feed, your webcam, or capturing a very specific part of your screen.

Once you have at least one scene setup, you can work outwards and set up multiple scenes to switch between. Many streamers use a full-screen camera for when they are just talking with chat, or between games. Some streamers have elaborate transitions that you can set up to switch between these scenes.

There are many more ways to optimize your Twitch experience, which you can read about on Twitch's blog.

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