Two weeks after parting ways with TSM, Hikaru Nakamura finds a new home in MGG.

The biggest Chess streamer in the world, Hikaru Nakamura makes his next move – joining esports organization, Misfits Gaming Group.

Two weeks ago, the American streamer parted ways with his former home, TSM. It was a surprising departure as Hikaru Nakamura was in partnership with TSM for 2 years. Embarking on a new journey, Hikaru Nakamura will now field the colors of MGG.

“I’ve always felt a bit of a misfit in the chess community and now, for my next big move, I join @misfitsGG. Looking forward to some amazing content,” said Hikaru Nakamura.

MGG is an esports organization from Florida, US that houses professional teams across popular esports titles. They currently have teams for League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Valorant, and Call of Duty. MGG also has its influencers division comprising 25 diverse content creators.

Following Hikaru Nakamura’s huge victory at the 2022 FIDE Grand Prix championship, MGG signed the Grandmaster to its team. This partnership will see him stand together with influencers such as Tubbo, Ranboo, Aimsey, and SushiBAE.

In the announcement, Misfits Gaming Group talked about the partnership with Hikaru Nakamura:

Hikaru will work in collaboration with Misfits Gaming Group on a range of events, video content and streams that not only involve his chess skills, but provide him with the platform and resources to continue developing additional passion projects. 

Misfits Gaming Group

Hikaru Nakamura is set for the 2022 Candidates Tour

The popular streamer who holds 1.4M Twitch followers is not your average Chess content creator. Hikaru Nakamura is a 5-time Chess champion in the United States, standing among the best in the world. He joined the streamers world in early 2020 to rapidly become a sensation on Twitch – thanks to his high-profile background in Chess.

Hikaru Nakamura is the only Grandmaster from the tip of the iceberg that is heavily involved in the streaming world. So fans were definitely excited and surprised when he won the 2022 FIDE Grand Prix and earned a coveted slot in the 2022 Candidates Tour. The Candidates Tournament is an annual tournament that pits the world’s best Chess players and selects a final contender. The winner of Candidates 2022 becomes eligible to challenge the current World Champion, Magnus Carlsen.

Hikaru Nakamura finds himself in MGG just a day before the 2022 Candidates Tour which will go on from June 16th until July 5th in Madrid, Spain. Hikaru Nakamura’s Twitch channel will broadcast the event with many popular guests as commentators such as Richard Rapport, Benjamin Bok, and Fiona Steil-Antoni.

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