Popular streamer, TimTheTatman’s switch to YouTube sees great success and an additional perk of work-life balance.

Following 6 months of TimTheTatman’s move to YouTube, the American streamer found a great balance to his personal and work life while maintaining a successful showing.

Content creators moving platforms would oftentimes impact a portion of their viewership but it’s not the case with Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar. Ever since his move to YouTube in September 2021, TimTheTatman has streamed for a significantly less amount of time.

However, contrary to the norm, his viewership remains unchanged. According to Streams Charts, TimTheTatman revealed that the switch to YouTube allowed him to dedicate more time for his family and less on the hunt for money. His streams remain successful even with lesser airtime surpassing top YouTube streamers like Dr Disrespect and Valkyrae.

TimTheTatman’s switch to YouTube allows him to commit more to personal life

The realm of streaming is notorious for its straining work hours and required effort. A lot of hardworking streamers spend endless time in front of their screens to maintain their presence on the platform. And as of result, the full-scaled routine of streaming means a large sacrifice of one’s personal life.

After TimTheTatman’s switch to YouTube, it is revealed that he is able to focus more on his family.

“The switch to YouTube allowed (TimTheTatman) to spend more time with his family and less time thinking about money, as the streamer himself said in an interview with the Insider,” Streams Charts stated.

TimTheTatman’s viewership statistics on YouTube Source: Steam Charts

In the last 6 months, TimTheTatman streamed for a lesser amount of time as compared to his time on Twitch. From September to March, his air time on YouTube was 591 hours, 54% less than his previous 6 months on Twitch. Oftentimes, reduced air time equals reduced viewership, but TimTheTatman managed to retain the same number of average viewers.

TimTheTatman scores high viewership stats in half a year

TimTheTatman’s recent stream on YouTube

His switch to YouTube has so far been remarkable. The Call of Duty streamer scored higher viewership statistics than the likes of Dr Disrespect and Valkyrae, who were also big shots from Twitch who transitioned to YouTube. By early March, TimTheTatman placed the third-highest on the platform in terms of Hours Watched, only surpassed by IShowSpeed and the official Battlegrounds Mobile India channel.

He does have a decrease in the total time viewers spend watching as compared to both platforms. His last six months on Twitch saw 33.9 million Hours Watched and YouTube saw 20.2 million. The 60% decrease in Hours Watched is caused by the streamer’s decreased air time. He streamed for 593 hours on YouTube which was 319 hours lesser than his streams on Twitch. So even though his overall Hours Watched dropped, it was only because he streamed for lesser hours on his current YouTube channel.

You can find more in-depth viewership statistics here.

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