Hasanabi raises over $500,000 for Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts amidst tragedy cover image

Hasanabi raises over $500,000 for Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts amidst tragedy

Hasanabi and more help raise money for those affected by the natural disaster that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023.

After the massive earthquake in Turkey, which has left over 6,000 people deceased; streamer Hasanabi has put forth the effort and raised over $500,000 in earthquake relief efforts.

The popular political streamer took to Twitch in hopes of helping those affected by this massive disaster.

Raising $150,000 in the first 15 minutes of his stream, Hasanabi helps give back during the earthquake

With natural disasters being an inevitable consequence mother nature holds over humans, it is always amazing to see when people can come together to help those who are struggling.

Hasanabi, who is known for his political commentary on Twitch, made sure to do just that.

With an attempt to raise as much as he can for the fund, the streamer was able to achieve $150,000 in donations within the first 15 minutes of his stream. This impressive number provides insight into human capability when it comes to empathy and helping those in need.

The streamer took to Twitter after the earthquake hit the media, making it aware that he was in Istanbul in 1999 during a 7.6 earthquake. The earthquake that hit yesterday in Turkey and Syria was a 7.8 magnitude.

"I will do everything I can to help", said Hasanabi on Twitter.

His response came directly after he was called upon for relief efforts.

IShowSpeed, Trainwreck and more answer calls for help

Not only did Hasanabi take part in raising money for relief efforts, but streamers like IShowSpeed and Trainwreck also made sure to help.

Both streamers posted on Twitter that they will be donating to help provide relief for those affected.

This help does not go unnoticed by the world, as these figures understand their place in the limelight and the effect their voice has on society.

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