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Greekgodx banned for the 4th time on Twitch

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos has been banned from Twitch for the fourth time. The ban came shortly after a clip surfaced from the IRL stream.

Controversial streamer Dimitri 'Greekgodx' Antonatos has been banned from Twitch for the fourth time. The reason for the ban has not been confirmed, but a viral clip from his latest stream went viral on socials.

In the clip the streamer appeared to mock a family he passed by, which triggered people to believe it was the cause behind the ban. However, Greekgodx has came out on Twitter to say it was "random noises" and not deliberately racist.

Greekgodx's last ban lasted for three days after a sexist rant where he said he wants any women he dates, especially streamers, to stop streaming and be 'in the kitchen'. The streamer later apologised.

Why is Greekgodx banned?

The incident took place during his latest in-real-life (IRL) vlog on July 28th. A clip from the stream surfaced on socials which showed Greekgodx making unusual noises soon after passing a mother and child. Many believed the noises sounded like he was mocking the Eastern Asian language.

The clip - uploaded by former EsportsTalk host HUN2R - went viral on Twitter and Reddit, calling for Twitch to ban Greekgodx. He was banned only hours after ending the stream. HUN2R uploaded the Tweet with the caption: "Greekgodx has been banned on Twitch following a clip of him mocking an Asian family on stream. Disgusting".

However, following the ban Greekgodx stated that he was not mocking the Eastern Asian language. He said he was in fact passing by a Greek family who were speaking Greek.

"To assume they are Asian is very wrong in itself. My family members are Asian, why would I be racist to the people who brought me up," said Greekgodx on Twitter.

"I make some random noises and people assume I'm being racist. What is wrong with this world," he added.

Greekgodx's Previous Controversy

Greekgodx is not new to controversies. He was first banned for 24 hours for allegedly breaking Twitch's Terms of Service. He had also made a controversial take on gender identity that resulted in his second ban which lasted for 14 days.

Meanwhile for his third ban, Greekgodx claimed that it was because he was twerking on stream. However, on the same livestream, he went on a rant that has been labeled by many as offensive and sexist. He insisted that he will stream and earn all the money and any girl he dates should be in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning while looking after the children.

Furthermore, on the same livestream, he called out another Twitch streamer, Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo for baiting drama where he "baits negative attention and churns it into viewership and money".

Mizkif then responded to Greekgodx's views on the controversial rant. He said, “I feel like Greek did not have these ideas, and then he just sees someone say this with some confidence, and he’s just a sheep, and he just listens to them and it becomes his lifeblood". Popular streamer Ali "Myth" Kabbani also recently called out on Greekgod's controversial take on women on OnlyFans.

It is not certain how long the ban will be for this time and if Twitch will remove the ban. Currently, neither Twitch nor Greekgodx has confirmed the reason behind the ban.

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