Notorious foul-mouthed celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay had a brush-in with the streaming world when one of his contestants told him she streamed cooking on ‘Twitch’ for a living.

Renowned chef and food critic, Gordon Ramsay had a brush in with a Twitch Cooking streamer on his latest show Next Level Chef. His reaction on being told she streamed cooking on Twitch was ‘WTF is a Twitch’? When one of his contestants told him she streamed cooking on Twitch for a living, he was visibly taken aback. His reaction to her reply was 'WTF is Twitch'?

In a recent episode of the Next Level Chef, one of the contestants, cooking Twitch streamer, triciaisabirdy, came face-to-face with the celebrity chef. Amused at the fact that she had cooked scallops only twice in her life, Ramsay asked her what she does for a living.

"I stream on Twitch my cooking, chef."

- triciaisabirdy

The other participants broke into laughter and triciaisabirdy is also seen trying to suppress her laughter in front of the three celebrity chefs.

Ramsay took the discussion to Twitter, asking Twitch to give him a lesson on the platform.

Amongst the thousands of replies were xQc and Pokimane offering to introduce him to the world of streaming. XQc offered to give Ramsay streaming tutorials, even calling him America’s next Master Streamer!

Gordon Ramsay is one of the three hosts on his latest cooking show alongside Nyesha Arrington and James Beard-nominated chef Richard Blais. Each host coaches a team of five cooks, pros and amateurs as well as internet chefs.

Chef Streaming crossover soon?

Ramsay used it to plug in his new show with the #NextLevelChef. 

A recent trend on Twitch has seen several streamers watch Gordon Ramsay's cooking shows. XQc has streamed himself watching Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares in the past. His reply to Ramsay, inviting the chef to Twitch might see a collaboration unlike any other.

Ramsay’s original tweet has gone viral on social media garnering over 132k likes and over 4.2k retweets. Ramsay’s shows always have some spice and this time, his lack of knowledge about Twitch was a superhit for his new show.

If Gordon Ramsay takes on xQc’s offer to stream on Twitch, it would probably be one of the biggest debuts on the platform. At least this way, he won't be saying WTF is Twitch again.

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