GeorgeNotFound responds to caitibugzz sexual assault allegations cover image

GeorgeNotFound responds to caitibugzz sexual assault allegations

Caitibugzz just accused one of Minecraft’s biggest influencers, GeorgeNotFound, of sexual assault.

A massive streamer and gaming influencer, George Davidson, also known as GeorgeNotFound, has been accused of sexual assault. caitibugzz, also a content creator, dropped the story on her livestream yesterday, March 10.

(Image via Caitibugzz)
(Image via Caitibugzz)

Caitibugzz is a 19-year-old IRL streamer. Yesterday, she streamed to her 200,000 followers on Twitch to talk about her story. She had an emotional 30-minute livestream, retelling the night of her assault though she didn't name her alleged culprit. But fans quickly connected the dots and pointed their fingers to GeorgeNotFound.

GeorgeNotFound is a 27-year-old influencer, mainly known for his Minecraft content. He has 5 million followers on Twitch and is closely tied to other notable Minecraft streamers, namely Dream and Sapnap. Following the rising allegations to his name, GeorgeNotFound responded on Twitter:

"I will be doing a very serious stream later today, this post is just to make that clear. I am gathering all the information and evidence to share." He also added, "I have never and would never break someone's sexual boundaries or assault anyone."

Caitibugzz then responded to his tweet, confirming that GeorgeNotFound is indeed the person she was talking about. She said that she has "screen recorded everything" and she plans to use it to support her case if needed. "I am not scared of you anymore. I've been waiting so long to say this but you're a f*cking coward," she ended her statement.

(Image via <a href="">Twitter</a>)
(Image via Twitter)

GeorgeNotFound responds to sexual assault allegations

Today, March 11, GeorgeNotFound went live on his Twitch to address the allegations. The livestream initially started with a disclaimer that the stream was not monetized. The actual part where he addressed the allegations was a 20-minute pre-recorded video.

GeorgeNotFound stated that he first met caitibugzz during VidCon last year. Him and his friends hung out at Dream's hotel room and this included caitibugzz and her friends. At that time, caiti was 18 years old and GeorgeNotFound was 26 years old.

He stated that throughout the time they spent together during the VidCon era, he didn't know her age. He was also under the impression that she was above 21 due to an event wristband that indicated 21+. However, caitibugzz's story indicated otherwise, stating that she had disclosed to the group that she was "18 and a virgin" during a drinking game.

GeorgeNotFound admitted that he did touch Caiti though he claimed that he never forced anyone drinking. Throughout the night they hung out, caitibugzz was "seemingly comfortable". This included the time that they were more intimate.

"There was no reason for me to believe that she was uncomfortable with it. She was not not moving, she was not not speaking. Of course I don't believe that silence is consent. I just want to make sure that it was abundantly clear, she was visibly and physically responding well to everything we were doing," he stated.

GeorgeNotFound added that after finding out her age, which happened after the VidCon night, he stopped interacting with her.

Following his response to the sexual assault allegations, many of the community are still not satisfied. One of the biggest concerns is the fact that he did not ask for consent and merely assumed caitibugzz's emotions. The unpleasant age dynamic is also a big point in discussion.

Both creators are telling a similar story with starkly different details, and we'll have to see if more clarity come to light. This story is still developing and we will continue to add to this article with more up-to-date information.

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