Top female streamers earn 10% more Subgifts than top male streamers on Twitch cover image

Top female streamers earn 10% more Subgifts than top male streamers on Twitch

Here is how Subgifts or gifted subs differ based on genders among Twitch streamers.

Streams Charts released their analysis of which gender earns more Subgifts on Twitch. The final conclusion is top female streamers earn 9.8% more than their male counterparts in Subgifts. However, the entire calculation isn't black and white, and there are many variables that needed to be taken into account before reaching a final answer. Here is a breakdown of Subgifts earned by both genders.

What is a Subgift?

Viewers can gift other viewers subscriptions (Subgifts) to a Twitch channel.
Viewers can gift other viewers subscriptions (Subgifts) to a Twitch channel.

Subgifts are Twitch Subscriptions that are gifted from one viewer to other viewers. The gifter can choose who receives the "gifted sub" or they can opt for random recipients. Viewers usually gift subs to other viewers to support a Twitch streamer and encourage them to join the community. Those who receive gifted subs earn the same perks from a normal subscription such as channel emotes and Sub-only mode access.

Male streamers dominate total Subgifts

To first make the comparison, Streams Charts analyzed 1,500 female streamers and 1,500 male streamers from the top creators by Hours Watched on Twitch. From January to May 2022, the Subgifts distribution sees male streamers with 6.15 million and females with only 3.36 million.

The gap between both genders is enormous when comparing the total gifted subs alone. However, this comparison is not entirely correct. Male streamers have almost 90% of the total Hours Watched among the 3000 streamers they analyzed. This makes a head-to-head comparison between both genders very subjective because the more popular a streamer is, the more subs and gifted subs they earn.

Weighted average derives a more accurate comparison

To come to a more accurate conclusion, Streams Charts uses a weighted average to compare. Weighted average takes in the varying degrees of importance of the numbers in a data set - which in this case is the difference in the creator's Hours Watched.

When taking that into account, female streamers have a slight edge over male streamers on Twitch. The top female streamers earn more Subgifts with 54.9% compared to top male streamers with 45.1%, a difference of 9.8%.

Who earns the most Subgifts on Twitch?

The top 10 streamers with the highest Subgifts comprise 5 females, 4 males, and 1 mixed channel. Korean-American streamer, iiTzTimmy is on top of the list with 26,565 gifted subs, standing ahead of other creators by a far lead.

The top 10 streamers with the most gifted subs on Twitch are:

  • iiTzTimmy
  • Yvraldis
  • CDawgVA
  • Tectone
  • lindsfry
  • Sintice
  • avacrown_
  • Nalopia
  • Repullze
  • HisandHersLive

A lot of streamers with the highest Subgifts on Twitch are not among the most popular on the platform. This is mainly due to subathons which are events where streams last as long as people subscribe to their channels. With subathons, viewers tend to mass gift subscriptions to the streamer and elongate their broadcasts.

Find out more details regarding the Subgifts distribution on Streams Charts. You can also find other interesting stats regarding streaming on the site.

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