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Faze Clan's recent reboot has welcomed a new member on board, plaqueboymax. He is the second of four new members that will represent a new era of Faze. However, his addition saw mixed responses which even led to the CEO of Faze Clan defending the new member.

Some fans argued that Kalei, who was recently kicked from Faze, has better or similar viewership to plaqueboymax. This made people wonder if Kalei's removal from Faze is justified. An intense discourse has taken over the Faze community as two sides argue over who has the better viewership. Fret not, we have the numbers all compiled here. Check out the Twitch viewership data of the former Faze member Kalei vs plaqueboymax below.

  • Kalei started streaming in 2017, plaqueboymax started in 2021.
  • In April 2024, Plaqueboymax has +6,312 more average viewers than Kalei.
  • Plaqueboymax has more followers than Kalei on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Kalei has the higher all-time record of concurrent viewers.

Kalei vs plaqueboymax: Twitch viewership comparison

Data (April 2024)
Average Viewers
Max Viewers
Hours Streamed
Followers Gained
(Stats via TwitchTracker)

Some may say that both content creators have similar viewership, however the numbers state otherwise. Kalei, who began streaming in 2017, accumulated 584k followers. Plaqueboymax is relatively new in the content creation industry, having started his Twitch channel in 2021. He now has 682k followers on the purple platform, mainly streaming Just Chatting.

(Image via plaqueboymax)
(Image via plaqueboymax)
(Image via Kalei)
(Image via Kalei)

Both content creators' growth have stark differences. Kalei has reached a higher number of audience before, peaking at 32K concurrent viewers. Plaqueboymax's highest concurrent viewers is at 19.9K.

Despite an early start, Kalei's viewership has gradually fallen. Meanwhile, plaqueboymax's sees a convincing growth. Here are the graphs that represent both their average viewers since they both started streaming:

  • Kalei's average viewers since January 2017.
  • plaqueboymax's average viewers since May 2021.

Here are more comparison to their social media followings:

Social Media

A messy discourse, Faze CEO responds

Viewership-wise, plaqueboymax has the obvious upper-hand. But what does the co-owner of Faze Clan has to say about the massive shuffle?

F*ck everything else, f*ck the numbers. Kalei, Warzone, whatever.

Following the online heat regarding former Faze's Kalei vs plaqueboymax and their viewership, Faze Banks posted a video to clarify his plans. He also expressed that he doesn't care about viewership or numbers.

Faze Banks revealed that he had been spending a lot of time with plaqueboymax, even more than some of the Faze members, and that friendship makes a good foundation for the organization. "At the end of the day, I know that first step of establishing some sort of sense of comradery and friendship, and just even actually talking to people who share the name Faze, that's what we have to figure out first. So f*ck everything else, f*ck the numbers. Kalei, Warzone, whatever."

After GameSquare's acquisition, Faze Clan underwent a massive reboot. Read more about the Faze layoffs and who are out of the team below.

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