Complexity partners with Denny’s in initiative to amplify female voices.

Denny’s is partnering up with Complexity to support the female gaming community through a series of sponsored Twitch streams. The initiative aims to highlight the organization’s roster of female creators and give back to their inclusive and diverse communities, via in-stream rewards.

Celebrate Women with Denny's and Complexity

This initiative by Denny's and Complexity aims to place the focus on rising and diverse voices in gaming.

"We want to continue to create opportunities to showcase Complexity’s talented roster of women and creators of color, and this campaign will both recognize these creators and their viewers for their unwavering support," said Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports.

Denny's and Complexity team up to highlight rising and diverse voices in gaming.
Denny's and Complexity team up to highlight rising and diverse voices in gaming.

The four sponsored streams will take place between August and September and will feature Complexity content creators:

  • Beccatilts
  • Emily Wang
  • Vicky Palami
  • Ninjayla

Viewers can expect “pancake drops” that give viewers Denny’s-specific prizes such as free delivery, coupons, merch, and more.

This initiative marks Denny’s next step in engaging with the gaming sphere. In 2020, the restaurant made a splash in the gaming community when they tweeted their PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch gamertags, inviting users to game with the brand.

As part of the campaign, those who gamed with Denny’s had the opportunity to receive discount codes for the Denny’s on Demand platform.

Introducing Complexity's Rising Female Voices

The partnership is a Grand Slam for both Complexity and Denny’s, as they highlight rising female voices in the gaming sphere and reward their audiences for their unwavering support.

Additionally, the Denny’s and Complexity partnership marks the debut of the organization's newest Teamfight Tactics players and content creators, Beccatilts and Emily Wang.


Beccatilts is a Twitch Ambassador and one of the latest content creators signed by Complexity. She primarily streams Teamfight Tactics, but occasionally dabbles in variety content.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang is an attorney-turned-streamer from Michigan, who has created an inclusive community around Teamfight Tactics. She recently placed in the top 24 in Riot’s Astral Cup and she was signed by Complexity in August.

Vicky Palami

Vicky Palami is an Apex Legends player and content creator from Mexico, signed by Complexity in November 2021. She was recently recognized as the 8th most-watched woman on Twitch. 


Ninjayla is a content creator for Complexity who primarily streams Apex Legends on Twitch. She was recently featured on a Times Square Billboard as part of Twitch’s Black History Month Campaign.

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