The Rare Rave 2022 presented by Stream Labs aimed at raising money for children with rare diseases was a success!

The Rare Rave 2022 raised money for children and adults living with rare genetic diseases. Here’s how you can get involved.

Cure Rare Disease, a non-profit biotechnology organization recently hosted the Rare Rave 2022, a 72-hour music festival/fundraiser leading up to International Rare Disease Day, on February 28th. The digital music festival raised an immense $75,548 for children impacted by rare and fatal diseases.

Dozens of DJs participated in this fundraising event - on both the main stream  and also on their own personal streams from February 25th to 28th.

Who was involved in the Rare Rave 2022?

The Rare Rave 2022 was not only a fundraising event, it was also a way to improve awareness about people suffering from these diseases. When it comes to donations every little helps, and the Rare Rave 2022 brought together musicians from all walks of life.

In addition Logitech’s Streamlabs Charity donated $25,000 to support the event. Cure Rare Disease chose to work with Streamlabs Charity, because the platform charges no fees at all for donors or nonprofits, ensuring all donations are used for our mission.

Canadian DJing duo Jessu and Pyka raise $26,037

Two streamers to make a huge impact in the Rare Rave fundraiser were Canadian DJing duo Jessu and Pyka. Jessu and Pyka hosted a 7 hour stream on Jessu's Twitch channel which averaged over 2,000 viewers and raised $26,037 for Cure Rare Disease.

During the stream the pair had several huge donations, including $1,000 from and a $1,750 donation from an anonymous donor. The anonymous donation catapulted the stream past their $12,000 outfit change stretch goal, three hours into the stream.

An hour later Jessu and Pyka surpassed $15,000 in donations and turned on black light for the remainder of their Cure Rare Disease charity stream.

American pianist Arilyna raises $4,000 in less than 2 hours

Arilyna took time on her stream to explain the work Cure Rare Disease is doing and to explain their mission
Arilyna took time on her stream to explain the work Cure Rare Disease is doing and to explain their mission

Another creator to stream for the cause was American Twitch pianist Arilyna. Arilyna broke her original goal of $4,000 after just 90 minutes doing song requests for those kind enough to donate. However, she continued to stream for over 2 more hours just to help raise awareness.

Professional pianist MiaMetzMusic raises $2,608

Ariylna was not the only live musician supporting Rare Rare. US based Korean professional pianist MiaMetzMusic hosted a four hour Cure Rare Disease stream collecting $2,608 in donations. Mia gave viewers the option to request a song for $10, livelearn for $30 or "polished livelearn" for $80.

The Top 5 biggest Rare Rave fundraising campaigns

  1. Jessu and Pyka - $26,037
  2. Arilyna - $4,240
  3. MiaMetzMusic - $2,608
  4. Raquel - $1,709
  5. SunfyreTV - $1,501

The Rare Rave 2022 raised $75,548 over the 72 hours starting February 25. There were several other streamers who also raised money with the likes of JasonCharlesMil, MOZG888VADIM and matthart3808 also raising money in the Rare Rave fundraiser. 

There were a wide variety of genres for users to enjoy, including pop, hip-hop, metal and much more. While several artists performed on the official CRD channel, there were also others that hosted and promoted the fundraiser on their personal channels like Arilyna, MiaMetzMusic and Jessu and Pyka.

I missed Rare Rave 2022, how can I help now?

You can donate custom amounts and choose your currency in the Donate page. 
You can donate custom amounts and choose your currency in the Donate page. 

If you missed the Rare Rave 2022, you can still help raise money and spread awareness. To get started join the Cure Rare Disease Discord and then go to the “getting-started” channel. You will receive all the resources necessary to stream to help the Cure Rare Disease cause.

Even if you are not a streamer, you can always help by watching the streams, sharing them on social media as well as donating directly to support the fundraising efforts.

You can donate money via their Streamlabs page. There are options to donate in 25 different currencies and choose custom amounts.

We also put together a How to stream for Cure Rare Disease in our streaming section if you want to get started.

What is Cure Rare Disease?

Cure Rare Disease develops advanced genetic therapeutics for ultra-rare diseases who need them urgently. These genetic therapeutics are for patients with rare diseases that have no cure or treatments.

“We can change the lives of these boys and we can't do it without resources. Time is of the essence so we need to make sure we are doing things at light speed.

The Cure Rare disease organization that's been built and grown through grass roots means. There’s no billion-dollar donation behind what we are doing. This is really the power of families of scientists and clinicians who have decided they want a different future," said Rich Horgan, Founder and President of Cure Rare Disease.

If you are interested in knowing more about the organization and what they do, you can check out their website. The Cure Rare Disease blog details stories by some of the patients and their families on the hardships they face living with disabilities and rare diseases. To get involved and help support Cure Rare Disease’s life-saving work, learn more here.