Creator Clash 2 Group Workout is your chance to size up the fighters cover image

Creator Clash 2 Group Workout is your chance to size up the fighters

Creator Clash 2 is still just under 70 days away, but you can get a taste of the action on Feb. 9

The Creator Clash boxing event isn’t until April, but you can get a preview of all the action on Feb. 9 with the Creator Clash 2 Group Workout. Announced on Feb. 6, the Group Workout will air on streamer Esfand’s channel and feature many of the fighters from the upcoming event. 

Esfand is a specialist of IRL and event streaming, having created a huge amount of buzz around his tailgate streams that saw the SMU alumni visit College Football venues around the country and take in the tailgate atmosphere. Additionally, Esfand is one of the onsite interviewers for the Creator Clash 2, reprising his role from the previous event. Overall, the OTK creator is perfect for the job of getting the Group Workout footage.

While full details of what the Group Workout will entail aren’t available, expect an insight into some of the training going into this incredible boxing event. Fighters such as Hundar, Alanah Pearce, iDubbbz, Harley Morenstein, Arin Hanson, Myth, and others are reportedly going to be there, so there’s a huge variety of talent on display.

(Image via Creator Clash)
(Image via Creator Clash)

The last Creator Clash’s preparation was somewhat shrouded in mystery, although perhaps not deliberately. The huge success of the first event was perhaps unexpected, and the videos that were subsequently released by creators showing their boxing training were massively popular. As a result, its great Creator Clash 2 is stoking the fires of excitement with this kind of IRL stream. Fans love behind-the-scenes content, and this is the first taste of what could be the influencer boxing event of the year.

How to watch the Creator Clash 2 Group Workout

To watch the Creator Clash 2 Group Workout, tune in to on Feb. 9, at 12 p.m. PST (midday). The event will likely be a few hours long and feature interviews and training footage from your favorite boxers-in-training. 

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