Asmongold and Timthetatman give their first reactions as they play New World, the new MMO from Amazon Studios, during the closed beta.

Twitch’s top streamers were surprised with Amazon’s newest game

When Amazon released the beta for their new MMO titled New World, hundreds of thousands of viewers flocked to streams to check it out. The Twitch Drops which gave viewers a fancy gold armor in-game definitely helped, but overall the excitement was palpable. At one point on Tuesday, New World viewership was above 600,000. Unsurprisingly, the majority of those viewers were with Asmongold and Timthetatman.

These two Twitch giants have been streaming classic MMOs for many years. So to see them jump on a brand new beta this quickly was exciting to watch. Overall, their opinions were surprising.

Firstly, what is New World?

New World is a new Massively Multiplayer Online game from Amazon Games. The studio has been releasing a variety of smaller games since 2010 but this is their first title that can truly be considered AAA. The game is set in Aeternum, a vast world filled with deathly creatures, mountains and islands, shipwrecks and dark caves haunted by spirits.

Players can go on unlimited quests, level up their gear, craft new weapons, and hunt for food and materials. However, the most unique part of the game is the PvP. As you explore the world you’ll encounter other players from different factions (or teams). If you so choose, you open yourself up to PvP fighting which adds a completely new element to the game.

Amazon has created a very interesting version in the beloved MMO genre. And because of the unique real-time fighting style, long time players of FPS games might find New World to be the perfect entry into the world of MMOs.

Official media gallery photos of New World courtesy of Amazon Games
Official media gallery photos of New World courtesy of Amazon Games

Asmongold was quite impressed and hit 135k viewers

Asmongold has been streaming World of Warcraft almost exclusively for a very, very long time. Suffice it to say, his opinion on MMO’s do not go unnoticed by players and devs alike. In fact, he single-handedly caused Final Fantasy 14 to “sell out” of their digital copies of the game when he recently began playing the classic MMO. During his first New World stream on Tuesday he maxed out at 135,000 viewers. Numbers aside, he praised the game several times during his stream including the crafting/trading system and overall aesthetics.

“This is very, very much captivating me.”

Timthetatman on new world

Timthetatman was equally as forward. Though he did jokingly say goodbye to his main game of the past year in Warzone several times during the stream. He went on to mention how captivating the new MMO is. CourageJD also said how much fun he was having.

CourageJD and Timthetatman two played for about seven hours in total where they completed quests, explored the world and met some new friends. Timthetatman ended his stream with even more praise. “That game is awesome,” he said, “I have a lot of high hopes for it.”

Asmongold mentioned during the stream that he does plan to continue playing New World. But, he put some fears at ease for his hardcore fans and confirmed World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 will remain on his daily playlists. “Be patient with me”, he pleaded with his viewers. “I understand there’s a lot of games you want me to play,” he continued, “and I’m trying to do my best to manage those expectations.”

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