Neither Toast nor Moist will leave her behind!

After investing in the stock market, inflatable pool companies and even gas stations, Amouranth ventures into esports. Wildcard Gaming, a Houston based organization, is her most recent acquisition. During the skit, Amouranth decides to make a call, saying "I wanted to talk to you about becoming a part-owner".

Only fans will understand how important it is for Amouranth to own an esports team, as she felt other streamers were leaving her behind. The video shows names like Ludwig, xQc, sketch, Toast, Moist; a fun way to say she's now part of the esports owners club.

Amouranth teased the acquisition of her esports team earlier on a Twitch stream. She showed herself wearing a black Wildcard Gaming shirt. Next, she said that "there's a genre that I've stayed away from for a long time". All these hints were noticed first on Reddit, and then published on social media.

What's coming for Amouranth and Wildcard Gaming now that she's the co-owner?

The video post did not include a roadmap or future plans for the team. However, some games were mentioned or hinted during the three-minute content. As we know, Wildcard gaming currently sponsors teams for two different titles: CS2 and Rainbow Six.

Just by the start of the video, we can see a board full of esports titles.

Four titles not "taken" by other streamers
Four titles not "taken" by other streamers

On this board, titles like Rocket League, League of Legends and Tekken 8 appear connected to pictures of streamers. Four esports titles are out of these connections:

  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • CS2
  • Dota 2

With Amouranth's recent involvement with Wildcard Gaming, it's not hard to imagine new rosters could be added to the organization. On the year 2021, the team sponsored a Dota 2 North American roster. Unfortunately, after two years of mixed results, the team had to disband.

What's next for Amouranth? In any case, being a co-owner is not the end of the road for her. If you want to know what's next for Wildcard Gaming, make sure to follow more news on!