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What were the most-played games on Christmas? cover image

What were the most-played games on Christmas?


Christmas clearly didn’t slow down gamers, who still played their favorite games on December 25. Here are the most-played games on Christmas.

The holidays are a time for celebration, family, giving, and... Video games? Gamers did not stop playing video games on Christmas. Here are the most-played games on Christmas based on hours played.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

According to Steam Charts, CSGO had 15.61 million hours played on Christmas. This is not much lower than the classic shooter's usual numbers. There was 15.68 million hours played on December 24 and 15.61 million hours played on December 26. Basically, Christmas didn't slow down the CSGO playerbase at all. Why sing Christmas carols and watch your grandma open up a gift when you could grind one of the most popular shooters of all time?

Dota 2

It seems like the Dota 2 fanbase was a bit more dedicated to Christmas than CSGO players. Dota 2 had 11.43 million hours played on Christmas day and, while this still made it one of the most played games on Christmas, it was a big drop off from the hours played on December 24. On Christmas Eve, Dota 2 had 12.31 million hours played. So Dota 2 players at least took a few hours off on Christmas morning before jumping back into the game.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a MMO action role-playing game, so you need to be consistently playing the game to gather resources, strengthen your squad, and protect your base from enemies. Seems like Lost Ark gamers took the concept seriously and didn't want to risk other players raiding their supplies during one of the most magical days of the year. There was 7.31 million hours played on Christmas. This was still a bit of a drop from the previous few days, which saw 7.87 million and 7.83 million hours played.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG had 5.37 million hours played on Christmas, making it the fourth-most played game on Christmas. It makes sense — thanks to the game's RNG, you may end up finding a ton of loot and powerful weapons by dropping in. Meanwhile, that gift Santa got you could just be another pair of socks you didn't ask for.

Apex Legends

There was over 3.9 million hours played on Christmas, meaning fans of the game would rather check out Loba — I mean, check out Loba, I mean check out, I mean drop into Broken Moon — than fake laughter at their uncle's jokes. And who can blame them? Have you seen her?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 | Warzone 2

Imagine consistently complaining about a game since its launch but then playing it instead of getting questioned about your future by relatives you don't usually talk to. Just imagine. Despite having a lot of negative things to say about Modern Warfare 2, the playerbase played the game even more Christmas. There was 3.55 million hours played on December 25 compared to the 3.44 million hours played on December 24. It's very likely that many gamers got MW2 as a gift and they couldn't wait to get started!
Olivia Richman
Olivia Richman
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