Valve CEO Gabe Newell surprises customers by hand-delivering the first batch of Steam Decks cover image

Valve CEO Gabe Newell surprises customers by hand-delivering the first batch of Steam Decks

Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell went door-to-door to deliver the first batch of Steam Decks to several lucky customers.

Ever thought that one day the big boss himself goes down to town and delivers his product to you? One would say 'not in a million years'. But these lucky customers were caught off-guard when Gabe Newell himself delivered the earliest batch of Steam Decks to them.

Before the video was released, a couple of Reddit users shared that Gabe Newell rang their doors to hand-deliver the Steam Decks. With the release of this video, it is confirmed that it is indeed Valve's CEO in action. He had decided to deliver a couple of signed Steam Decks to customers near Valve's headquarters and asked for them to return feedback. And it turned out to be a wholesome experience.

"For us, this is a very important moment; where (Steam) Deck stops being a theoretical product. I just want to see what people are actually playing on Steam Deck," said Gabe in the video. "We're finally getting around to do what we do best which is interacting with the customers and improving the experience. This is symbolically an opportunity for us to do that."

For curious fans, Gabe does read his e-mails!

For some people, the fact that Gabe reads his e-mails and occasionally responds to them is widely known. But in this video, he revealed that he reads his e-mails probably more than fans have expected.

"I get anywhere from 100 to several thousand e-mails a day, I read them all. And that sort of keeps you super grounded. You know what people are actually thinking, what's actually important to them," said Gabe.

What is a Steam Deck and why is it a big deal?

Steam Deck is like a gaming PC x Nintendo Switch. It is an innovative product that allows you to bring your Steam games (and more) everywhere you go. Unlike other console-type products, Steam Deck is like a mobile PC - you can connect peripherals to it such as a mouse and a keyboard, you can move the picture to a bigger screen, or even install Windows in it. But the most unique feature is it allows you to play PC games that were built for Windows! There are also a TON of interesting features that you can find out through their updates.

But of course, we never really know how great it is until we try it out - or at least until the first batch of users reveals some feedback.

Valve released Steam Deck on 25 February and as of now, it is only available for customers in the US, Canada, UK, and the European Union. Check out more info on the Steam Deck here.

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