xQc and moistcr1tikal join Twitch Rivals Rocket League Face Off ft. Rizzo cover image

xQc and moistcr1tikal join Twitch Rivals Rocket League Face Off ft. Rizzo

Twitch Rivals will host the Rocket League Face Off ft. Rizzo, featuring notable Rocket League players along with xQc and moistcr1tikal.

Twitch Rivals returns with a fast-and-furious Rocket League event! And what's more, the tournament is hosted by famous Rocket League personality Dillon Rizzo. We'll be seeing familiar faces on the field in the one-day event on July 26.

Rizzo will be joined by Velly Cardwell and James "Jamesbot" Villar in the caster lineup of the Twitch Rivals.

Who is joining the Twitch Rivals?

There will be eight participants representing the North American region and four participants representing the European region. The participants of the Twitch Rivals include the well-known streamers, xQc and moistcr1tikal. They will be joined by notable Rocket League content creators and pro players.

North American

  • Nolystic
  • NotFlitz
  • Lethamyr_RL
  • AlphaKep
  • RetalsRL
  • Arsenal
  • moistcr1tikal
  • xQc


  • FairyPeak
  • Mawkzy_
  • Scrub
  • Joreuz_

Twitch Rivals Rocket League Face Off format and matches

There will be six matches in total for the Twitch Rivals Rocket League Face Off. The participants will face their opponents in a best-of-five 1v1 Rocket League match.

The followings are the matches for the Twitch Rivals:

  • FairyPeak vs. Scrub
  • Joreuz_ vs. Mawkzy_
  • Nolystic vs. NotFlitz
  • Lethamyr_RL vs. AlphaKep
  • RetalsRL vs. Arsenal
  • moistcr1tikal vs. xQc

What is the prize pool distribution?

The Twitch Rivals Rocket League Face Off offers a total prize pool of $20,000 USD. The winner of each match will get $2,500 USD and the runner-up will get $725 USD.

Participants with the following achievements will also get extra rewards.

  • Highest Average Goals scored = $250 USD
  • The Highest Average Saves= $200 USD
  • Highest Average Shots= $200 USD

The event will start at 12 PM PT on the Twitch Rivals channel. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Rocket League and esports news.