Tundra Esports ventures into Rocket League, signs Top Blokes cover image

Tundra Esports ventures into Rocket League, signs Top Blokes

Tundra Esports has announced their acquisition of Top Blokes, marking their entry into the Rocket League scene.

Esports organization, Tundra Esports has announced its arrival in the Rocket League scene with the recruitment of Top Blokes. The London-based organization has been growing its talents this year and this marks the third esports title to join their Tundra Tribe.

The announcement was made just in time for the Rocket League Europe Fall Open which will mark the first kick-off of the European Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2022-23 season.

Tundra Esports acquired rosters of Top Blokes

Top Blokes were one of the top teams in the European scene. They were acquired once in 2021 by SMPR Esports and were revived in time for the RLCS 2022-2023. The rosters consist of Andy "Kassio" Landais, Riccardo "Rizex45" Mazzotta, and David "Rezears" Wünsch. Top Blokes has also recruited veteran player, Sandro "FreaKii." Holzwarth as the coach. The roster is now going to play under the Tundra Esports mantle.

The co-founder and director of esports at Tundra Esports has welcomed Top Blokes into the Tundra fold, saying that he believes the new rosters carry the same ambitions and values as their organization. He commented, "Top Blokes is one of the most promising European teams in the circuit and we feel with the right support they will thrive."

Maxim Demin, the owner and co-founder of Tundra Esports had explained further on their recruitment of Top Blokes. He mentioned that Rocket League is a strong and steady esports title with growing viewership. He said the Rocket League esports scene provides a lot of partnership opportunities and carries a strong player base across the UK and Europe. This cemented their decision in going into the Rocket League scene.

Let's take a quick look at the new Rocket League roster of Tundra Esports:


Kassio is a prominent French figure in the European Rocket League scene, having been involved in the scene since 2017. He formed Triple Trouble earlier in his career and has played for notable teams like Veloce Esports, Method, and SMPR Esports. He continued staying on top of the scene throughout his career and is one of the top twelve in RLCS 2021-22.


Rizex45 has been active in the European scene since five years ago. The German player had played for teams like FC Barcelona and Totalschaden. He had been playing with German Amigos until the roster was acquired by Evil Geniuses. He helped the team qualify for last season's Winter Major and has stayed the driving force for his team until his departure last season.


Rezears is a prodigal up-and-coming Rocket League player in the European scene. The youngest in the team, he had been playing for BS+COMPETITION and Morekats Gaming. The half-Hungarian, half-German has earned nearly $50,000 USD in prize money before turning twenty-years-old.


The German player has made his name in the scene, playing for top European teams such as Mock-It Esports, Team Secret, and Veloce Esports. He announced his retirement as a pro player in August before announcing his new role as a coach in Top Blokes.

Tundra Esports growth in the esports world

Tundra Esports has been growing its team since it first started in 2019. They currently have active international rosters in two esports titles, Dota 2 and Fortnite. Their Dota 2 team is currently competing in the largest Dota 2 event this year, The International 11. They have also recently signed up Lara ‘Hoxieloxie’ Schofield along with other content creators such as Archie ‘Archie’ King, Derman ‘Motor’ Ozdemir, and Jordan ‘Jorhdys’ Drummond.

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