Itachi tears through Team BDS

The final match of June 22 saw two of the biggest teams go head up against each other. In a single-elimination format of the tournament, the stakes could not have been higher and fans were there to support their teams as well. 

Team BDS vs M8 Live score and Results

Team 1
Team 2
Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4
Map 5
Team BDSM8Mannfield Night (1-4)Forbidden Temple (0-4)DFH Stadium (1-4)Utopia Coliseum (1-6)0-4

The series started off with a flurry of goals and M8 had all the right moves. The players’ movements were in synergy with excellent communication and ensuring they were passing the ball to each other. The constant advantage in possession ensured that M8 Alpine had a lot more chances to actually win the map.

At some point, it just felt that GentleMates were catching BDS on the defensive. The lack of boosts meant that the M8 were able always to have a much higher boost and significant speed advantage over their opponents.

Gentle Mates continued their aggression through Map 2 ensuring that MonkeyM00n and his teammates would not get any leeway into the gameplay. The constant aggression also meant BDS were unable to slow down the game, to play the game on their own pace.

Team BDS were also at fault on multiple occasions, ofcourse. They were almost always just a bit late - to get the ball and secure a very strong lead. And every time Team BDS ensured that they were attempting to pull the game back together, M8 took the lead once again in the series.

The Green Suits Steer BDS on

M8 fans before the team's match.
M8 fans before the team's match.

Team BDS also didn't have a lot of team plays that saw the attempt really basic shots. The basic shots - if they failed to score - would often result in M8 taking the ball and completely dominating the rest of the match.

Team BDS' performance was much more disappointing considering the quality of players on the squad. MonkeyM00n put up a strong attempt - but it remained at that. Team BDS.

M8 ultimately won the map with a 6-1 score and the series with a 3-1 overall score. It was a very impressive victory and the team looks set to dominate through the playoffs.