Rocket League has released a teaser for Season 7 that will come out on June 15th.

Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League has released a teaser trailer in an announcement to give us a sneak peek at Season 7. And guess what? It's looking super classy. The new season is announced to go live on June 15th this Wednesday after an update on Tuesday, June 14th at 4 pm PDT.

In a completely different look from the animation-themed Season 6, this season opens with a red carpet to a glamorous, luxurious world. This is the seventh competitive season after Rocket League decided to open up their game as a free-to-play. The season will last from June 15 to September 7. With the new season, comes new arena variants, new items, new tournament rewards and definitely a new, shiny Rocket Pass.

Let's look at what's waiting for us in Season 7.

Utopia Coliseum Gets Gilded

The trailer opens with an overview of one of our beloved arenas, the Utopia Coliseum, with a new, gilded look. With marble floors and grand pillars, the players surely will feel like movie stars attending the Oscars.

New Star in the Field along with Golden Painted Items

Gliding into the premiere with a red body and golden look, Maestro is the newest car in the field. A Sedan with a Dominus Hitbox, Maestro is the first car to receive the golden touch and in their words- the fanciest rocket-powered car the world has ever known. You can obtain Maestro with the Rocket Pass Premium. We will see if this car will make it into the top favourites or if people will still stick to the classic Octane.

As per the gilded theme, we will get Golden Painted Items! The items are only available in the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers, which is when you’ve reached tier 70. Some of the rarer pieces will only be available in tier 150! The Season 7 trailer ends with an awesome golden Phoenix goal explosion, adding to the dramatic, royal look of Season 7. The season is already looking so fabulous!

A few items were mentioned like the Sushi Roller Wheels, the Aquarium Player Banner, the Carat Cutter WheelsMarble Floor Decal and the Kinda Big Deal Player Title. Furthermore, we are also going to get the Dunker Goal Explosion, an explosion of glazed doughnuts!

Esports Goal Explosion

We also saw a new, interesting goal explosion of the G2 Esports logo. Could this mean that we will get an esports goal explosion for all the pro teams? It's definitely exciting to see the creativity that they will come out with and we the fans will surely love to show our support for our favourite teams.

More possibilities with the Custom Training Pack Updates 

The Custom Training Pack Updates are getting the community excited as they have been asking for updates for a while now. No details are available as of now but this is surely an update that is more than fancy cosmetics that can help players in their gameplay.

Seven Years of Rocket League

This is a special season as Rocket League is celebrating its seventh anniversary. The seventh season in the seventh year. So poetic. A Limited Time Event for the anniversary will occur later on and we still have to wait for more information to be released.

Still not too late to reap your Season 6 Competitive Rewards

Psyonix has revealed Season 6 rewards a few weeks ago to close off the season. This season's reward was revealed to be the Animated Universal Decals, with Titles for players at the Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Rank. For those who still want to grind for the rewards, you have a few days before the season closes. Rewards are given based on your ranks and your progress will be reset once the season is over. You can check out the rewards over here.