Psyonix announced its collaboration with Star Wars via new Droid Packs.

In a galaxy far, far away, the droids of the Star Wars universe equip rocket power and travel to the world of Rocket League. We will be seeing new decals and items inspired by our favorite metal buddies.

The Star Wars items will be available in Rocket League starting May 4 until May 16.

R2-D2 Pack

Inspired by the best droid the Skywalkers could've asked for, the R2-D2 pack will make you feel invisible against all enemies. You can equip the pack with only 800 credits.

The R2-D2 Pack includes:

  • R2-D2 Octane Decal
  • Wheels
  • R2-D2 Topper

C-3PO Pack

Our favorite protocol droid is ready for battle with his new shiny paint job. The C-3PO Pack will help you sharpen your calculations and your communication skill on the field. Just be careful not to annoy your friends or lose an arm! You can equip the pack with only 500 credits.

The C-3PO Pack includes:

  • C-3PO Fennec Decal
  • C-3PO Wheels

BB-8 Pack

Although small and skittish, never underestimate the astromech who is one of the backbones of the new era of the Resistance. The BB-8 Pack is available for only 800 credits.

The BB-8 Pack includes:

  • BB-8 Takumi Decal
  • Wheels
  • BB-8 Topper

K-2SO Pack

Sprint through the arena with the laid-back but dangerous-looking K-2SO Pack. The reprogrammed Imperial security droid is ready to give everything to their team, even willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. You can equip the pack with only 500 credits.

The K-2SO Pack includes:

  • K-2SO Dominus Decal
  • K-2SO Wheels

Free Star Wars Rocket League items

Players will also be able to get two free items in the Item Shop:

  • “Rust Bucket” Player Title
  • Star Wars R2-D2 (Twin Suns) Player Banner

Star Wars Droid Bundle

New player anthem to accompany you throughout your epic plays, and this time you can hear R2 whizz and whistle when you score! You can get the player anthem in a bundle together with a player title and all four of the new Droid Packs. The price of the bundle has not yet been revealed.

  • R2-D2 Player Anthem 
  • “Droid” Player Title
  • All four Droid Packs (R2-D2 Pack + C-3PO Pack+ BB-8 Pack+ K-2SO Pack)

Star Wars Droid + Car Bundle

you can check out this bundle out soon if you want the full experience of the Star Wars collection in Rocket League. It has everything you need and more to feel like you're in a galaxy far, far away. The price of the bundle has not yet been revealed, so stay tuned!

  • Star Wars Droid Bundle
  • Gold Fennec
  • Black Dominus
  • Cobalt Octane
  • Orange Takumi. 

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