Here’s when the Rocket League servers undergo maintenance and more importantly – when they’ll be back up!

The Rocket League server occasionally goes under maintenance from time to time. Epic Games puts the servers under maintenance to fix connection issues, and it can cause unforeseen issues for players who just want to enjoy.

The latest maintenance time kickstarts on May 7 at 9 pm PDT. The maintenance will last for two hours after which the game will come back online.

When does the Rocket League Server Maintenance start?

Rocket League Servers undergo regular maintenance updates. These updates often result in 

Rocket League Server Maintenance Start

The Rocket League Servers will undergo maintenance on May 8, 2024. The servers will be unavailable during this time and players will not be able to log on to the game. Existing games will continue, but players will not be able to play new matches.

Here are the start timings in various regions:

  • GMT: 5 am
  • Singapore Time: 12 pm
  • Eastern Time: 12 am

When does the Rocket League Server Maintenance come to an end?

The Rocket League Server maintenance usually lasts for around two hours. On rare occasions, it does last longer, but there are always accurate updates when it comes to the updates about the maintenance end times.

Here’s what the current Rocket League Server maintenance will come to an end:

Rocket League Server Maintenance End

Rocket League servers go down for maintenance regularly. Make sure to bookmark this article to update yourselves about the game's status and when the maintenance times will come to an end.

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