But players will have to wait a bit more for more information about the new game mode.

Psyonix has announced Season 6 of Rocket League will commence March 9 and it has an exciting new theme for fans. Rocket League Season 6 will feature an animated theme and a mid-season event that will bring a brand new game mode.

The trailer shows a car in an animated world going to a beach. With a sea-monster chasing, the car turns around and drives straight into the Neo Tokyo Arena (which is a hoarding by the way). The trailer gives us a glimpse of what’s new in the season, although we still have limited information available about the promised new game mode.

What’s new in Rocket League Season 6?

The Neo Tokyo Arena part of Season 6.
The Neo Tokyo Arena part of Season 6.

Season 6 features a new Nomad van and a brand new arena. The Neo Tokyo (Comic) Variant Arena builds upon the Neo Tokyo arena that has been a part of the game since 2016. The new arena has a comic-book style theme that is sure to appeal to a section of Rocket League fans.

As the season progresses, Psyonix also plans to release items from the Fornax Series, and unveil the legendary Black Fennec. There's also the new Starter and Standard Bundles packed full of classic items like the Jäger 619, Toon-Hydro Trail, Toon Goal Explosion (Titanium White).

The Rocket League Batman bundle is available till March 9, 2am UTC. Players can access this bundle if they purchase the new DLC.

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