Here’s all that’s new in the new Rocket League season.

The Rocket League Season 15 is fast approaching and Psyonix has given fans a glimpse into what they can expect in the new season. There’s a lot of changes afoot including map changes, new game modes as well as different LTMs. There’s also Time Stamps - which could prove useful in certain situations. 

What’s new in Rocket League Season 15?

Rocket League Season 15 kicks off soon and there’s a lot of new content and updates in the new patch. There is the usual changes to cosmetics, maps and LTMs as well. But there are Chat Time Stamps, Revamped Tournament Rewards and much more. And something that will interest Rocket League players the  most is the changes to Salty Shores, which is - a little bit less - salty. 

Changes to Salty Shores

Image Credit: Psyonix
Image Credit: Psyonix

The Salty Shores view receives some visual changes. The seaside view is no longer there and there are stadium podiums and a skatepark. It's quite unbecoming of the Salty Shores name, but hey, it will make for a pleasant change in view. 

Accompanying these changes is new music with Monstercat artists Mazare and Dead Pony bringing in the Season’s Theme Song - “Generation Gap”. There are also two new Player Anthems as a part of the Rocket Pass Premium. 

More LTMs

Image Credit: Psyonix
Image Credit: Psyonix

Limited Time Modes (LTMs) are a popular way of introducing players to new or historic game modes. LTMs can bring nostalgia, or they can introduce players to new game modes and take feedback before the official rollout. Update v2.40 will add more LTMs to the game that you can play in Private Matches, Offline Exhibition Matches and Custom tournament matches. You don’t even need to wait for them to be one of the dueling Arcade Playlists. Here are some of the new LTMs that are a part of the new update that will roll out before Rocket League Season 15.

  • Eggstra Special Mode
  • G-Force Frenzy
  • Gridiron

There are more LTMs as well that join the Game Mode Selector:

  • Beach Ball
  • Boomer Ball
  • Demolition
  • Dropshot Rumble
  • Moonball
  • Pinball
  • Speed Demon
  • Spike Rush
  • Super Cube

Tournament Rewards 

The season’s tournament rewards will bring the 1D20 Topper and the Polyhedral Boost that comes with the Spellbound Goal Explosion. You can also use the Jester Decal which will make you the envy of other players on the server. 

Demolition Audio Update

Image Credit: Psyonix
Image Credit: Psyonix

There are changes to the audio clarity that account for supersonic collisions. The Demolition audio has been tweaked and it is much easier to identity which car has gone up in the explosion. Previously, it would quite often be difficult to understand whether it was your teammate or an opponent that has gone up in smoke - but no longer. 

The Rocket League Season 15 kicks off on June 5 and will bring quite a few changes to the game. Whether it is the not so Salty Shores or the Demolition Audio update or the barrage of new LTMs, there’s something on offer for everyone.