Rocket League Season 13 to add Cross-game ownership of items cover image

Rocket League Season 13 to add Cross-game ownership of items

Time to check out your Rocket League items in Fortnite.

Rocket League Season 13 is the next update in the Psyonix-owned title and fans could not be more excited for a new patch. The end of Season 12 also brings rewards, more cosmetics and some quite impactful UI changes. Here’s everything new in Rocket League Season 13. 

New Play Menu

There’s a new Play Menu with Rocket League Season 13. With a squared-off design, players will see a more streamlined approach to the content in the menu tab.

You can now queue up for up to six different competitive playlists at once. The update brings Competitive Playlists and Extra Modes Playlists into one playlist. Acknowledging the community’s long-standing demand, Psyonix has also allowed them to queue for 3v3 Standard and 2v2 Hoops.

Exhibition Mode, Season Mode, and Workshop Maps will now live in their own Play Offline card, and the new Private Match card contains both Private Match and LAN Match options. 

A few more of the quality-of-life changes coming to Rocket League are also listed below:

  • You can join an existing Private Match directly from Training or an Offline Match.
  • Load and launch a different Workshop map when in a Workshop map already.
  • When in a party, you can now see your Rank even when you are not the Party Leader.

Two New Cars

Cross-game Items

Epic Games recently announced Rocket Racing allowing Fortnite players to experience the joy of Rocket League in their game. With this change, it seems there’s a bigger push to fully integrate the two games with Cross-game ownership. 

The first Car Bodies to get the Cross-Game treatment are Octane, Jäger 619, Cyclone, and the Lamborghini Huracán STO, along with select Decals for each, and the OEM Wheels.

With Rocket League Season 13, players can now have cross-game ownership. You need to play both games with the same Epic Games account to see your Rocket League items in your Fortnite locker. 

Rocket Pass Cosmetics

Players can earn some beautiful skins with the Rocket Pass in Season 13. We have listed out the various rewards for the Rocket Pass in the gallery below. The rewards are based on your Rocket Pass level. 

Season 12 Competitive Rewards

Psyonix will also be dropping Season 12 Competitive Rewards in the form of Goal explosions. You need to have won at least ten games to be eligible for these competitive rewards.

Changes to Arenas - Greener Pastures

There’s not much of a change, but the Arenas have grown some grass. They do look a lot more green with Season 13.