Excited for the new Rocket League season? Here are all the details you need to know.

Rocket League Season 11 has dropped, and fans are absolutely hyped about the new season. From colorful new cars to brand-new maps to play on, the new Rocket League season has it all.

Here is everything you need to know about Rocket League Season 11.

Rocket League Season 11 is here: New cars, a new map and more

The season's Rocket Pass gears players up with quite a few new colorful creations. The selling point of the new pass is the new tuned-up Nissan Silvia RLE.

Nissan Silvia (Image via Rocket League)
Nissan Silvia (Image via Rocket League)

The car is available through Rocket Pass Premium and is an absolute beauty. I mean, look at those colors. With a new custom hood scoop, carbon fiber mods and more, the Nissan Silvia will surely become a favorite amongst Rocket League enthusiasts.

The Rocket Pass also grants players new sets of wheels, different explosions and more. This is definitely one of the more flashy seasons for Rocket League; and honestly... I am all here for it.

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Season 11 (Image via Rocket League)
Season 11 (Image via Rocket League)

While so much more is included within the Rocket Pass, there is one aspect that players are most excited about.

Head down to the sea to watch some Rocket League

The brand-new map, Estadio Vida, is a great way for players to enjoy the summer while facing off in matches right next to the sea.

Estadio Vida (Image via Rocket League)
Estadio Vida (Image via Rocket League)

The map adds a unique vibe to the game, giving players some beautiful scenery to gaze at during their games.

The Rocket Pass offers quite a few different tournament rewards, so gear up and get ready to compete. These are not offers you want to miss out on.

Watch the trailer for Rocket League Season 11, posted below!

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