The Fall Major RLCS 2022-2023 will be held in Rotterdam, Amsterdam this coming December. Rocket League has also premiered a new logo!

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2022-2023 is starting the new season with a fresh new logo, just in time before the Fall Split! Ready for the new season, they have also announced the first Major of the season which is going to be held in Rotterdam, Amsterdam. The RLCS 2022-2023 is feeling more refined and we are definitely excited for the new season!

The new RLCS season has previously been announced, with the same structure of three Splits each ending with a Major. The sign-up dates are closing in for the Fall Split and the Rocket League scene had a very exciting transfer season. We will be seeing new and old faces, young and veteran teams, all passionately competing to be the best in the Rocket League scene.

New logo, who dis?

Rocket League Esports has decided it's time for a change. While the logo of the game stays the same, Rocket League Esports features a modern and minimalistic twist on the old logo in the shape of the Rocket League arena. It now features the iconic color of Rocket League, blue and orange which represents the two sides of the field.

New Rocket League Esports logo. Image by
New Rocket League Esports logo. Image by

RLCS is coming back to Amsterdam!

Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Image by By <a href=", CC BY-SA 4.0,">Rotterdam Ahoy</a>
Rotterdam Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Image by By Rotterdam Ahoy

Psyonix has finally announced the location of the Fall Major and it's coming back to Amsterdam! The last time RLCS stepped foot in Amsterdam was many moons ago on the finals of RLCS Season 2. This time, six years later, it will come back larger than before with a total prize pool of $310,000 USD. This is more than the finals of RLCS Season 2 with a $125,000 USD prize pool.

The RLCS Fall Major will be held at Rotterdam, Netherlands at Rotterdam Ahoy starting from December 8 to December 11. The final two days (December 10 -11) will welcome a live audience. As of now, the ticket information has yet to be released.

Road to Fall Major RLCS 2022-2023

Fall Split Bracket Structure. Image by
Fall Split Bracket Structure. Image by

The Fall Major will roughly maintain the same structure as last season, with the name convention changed to the Fall Open, Fall Cup, and Fall Invitational. For the Fall Open, we will have fully Open Qualifiers to fill the sixteen slots in each region. We will then proceed to the Fall Cup with eight auto-qualified teams and eight slots from an open qualifier. The Fall Invitational will be an invitational-only for the top sixteen teams of the region with the highest RLCS ranking points. The top teams of each region will then proceed to the Fall Major where sixteen teams will compete for the champion title.

Here are the important dates for the Fall Split:

  • Open: October 7 - October 16
  • Cup: October 20 - October 30
  • Invitational: November 3 - November 13
  • Major: December 8 - 11

Pack your bags and stitch your pockets for the Major tickets. We are going to Amsterdam!

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