Europe is in shambles.

Team BDS and Oxygen Esports may have just ended the majority of Europe's RLCS season with their results in London Major Qualifier 5.

Partly thanks to lackluster performances by Team Vitality, Gentle Mates Alpine, and especially Karmine Corp, spots for the upcoming LAN are all but locked in. BDS' Qualifier 5 victory and Oxygen's Top 2 finish also make the race for RLCS Worlds more interesting.

The return of Team BDS and M0nkey M00n

Official Team BDS champions graphic next to M0nkey M00n in a jersey (Image via
Official Team BDS champions graphic next to M0nkey M00n in a jersey (Image via

Team BDS has managed to stay within the Top 4 in Europe during RLCS 2024, but even that may disappoint some supporters given their past dominance. The once-dominant and former world champion organization has been chasing a victory for a while now.

Their 1st-place finish in Qualifier 5 is their first RLCS event win since the 2021-2022 World Championship. Many fans took to social media after the grand finals to celebrate the team and their return to top form.

Since reaching the pinnacle of RLCS, Team BDS has undergone its fair share of struggles. These included multiple roster changes, subpar performances, and even a recent injury for M0nkey M00n, the team star and sole remaining starter from the world champion squad.

Team BDS is now in a favorable position to make both the London Major and the RLCS 2024 World Championship after EU Qualifier 5.

EU RLCS standings after Qualifier 5

Unfortunately for almost everyone else in Europe, Team BDS' victory over Oxygen Esports in the grand finals is not good news. RLCS Statistician dRekt even warned teams via Twitter that this was the worst possible result for most of them.

London Major qualification

Screenshot of current RLCS London Major EU standings(Image via
Screenshot of current RLCS London Major EU standings(Image via

During EU Qualifier 5, the four teams heading to the RLCS London Major are all but locked in. Other teams will need a popoff performance along with disaster striking one of the top four for any hope of making it to London. Additionally, seeding for the London Major is also up in the air due to Team Vitality and Gentle Mates Alpine failing to make the grand finals.

However, even amongst all those crushed hopes, Karmine Corp still manages to stand out. After sweeping all three Qualifiers during the first split and a Top 4 finish at the Copenhagen Major, KC has completely failed to meet expectations the past few weeks.

They completely missed the main event for Qualifier 5, gaining only a single point since their Top 8 finish in Qualifier 4. Now, Karmine has to win EU Qualifier 6 for any hope of making the RLCS London Major.

RLCS World Championship race after EU Qualifier 5

Screenshot of current RLCS 2024 EU season standings (Image via
Screenshot of current RLCS 2024 EU season standings (Image via

The situation for Worlds is just as dire for the majority of Europe. Outside of Oxygen Esports, who is likely to attend the RLCS London Major, Qualifier 5 spells the end of many LAN aspirations this season.

Even Karmine Corp, who may seem comfortable with their 75 points, are not safe. The London Major is a huge opportunity to gain lots of points, which KC will almost certainly not be able to participate in.

If Oxygen Esports performs well at the Major, they may very well pass Karmine in the standings. KC's RLCS Worlds journey would be over, with their performance in Qualifier 5 largely to blame.

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