London Major EU Qualifier 4: matchups, schedule, and streams cover image

London Major EU Qualifier 4: matchups, schedule, and streams

Everything you need to know about RLCS 2024 London Major EU Qualifier 4.

Rocket League Esports has announced the matchups for the first round of this weekend's RLCS 2024 London Major EU Qualifier 4 Swiss Stage.

The double-elimination qualifier bracket leading up to the Swiss Stage concluded on Sunday, but seeding, which considers overall season performance after recent format changes, still needed to be calculated. Thus, we did not know who was playing who until right now.

EU Qualifier 4 first-round matchups

First-round matchups from a&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Tweet</a>&nbsp;by @RLEsports (Image via Rocket League Esports)
First-round matchups from a Tweet by @RLEsports (Image via Rocket League Esports)

Above are all of the matchups taking place during the first round of the London Major EU Qualifier 4 Swiss Stage this Friday These 16 teams are seeded by a combination of their performance in qualifying for the Swiss Stage as well as their overall performance during the RLCS 2024 season.

Teams to watch

There are plenty of reasons to watch all of these fantastic teams. However, three teams have particularly interesting storylines heading into London Major EU Qualifier 4.

  • Gentle Mates Alpine: The Major 1 champions have actually never won a regional RLCS tournament. Fans are eager to see if they can maintain their LAN form or if their tournament run was a fluke.
  • Team BDS: Star player M0nkey M00n intends to play in EU Qualifier 4 despite suffering an injury in a recent car accident. It's uncertain if he will be able to perform at his usual level.
  • Oxygen Esports: The organization recently picked up mechanical genius Joe "Joyo" Young. Many consider him to be among the best in the world and blame his past teammates for mediocre results. This roster hopes to challenge Europe's current Top 4 of Gentle Mates Alpine, Karmine Corp, Team Vitality, and Team BDS.

Event format

EU Qualifier 4 has two parts taking place this weekend: the Swiss Stage and the Single Elimination Bracket. The Swiss Stage is up first and determines the Top 8 teams. Those eight squads will be placed into the single elimination playoff, which then plays out to determine the EU Qualifier 4 winner.

In-depth explanations of both the Swiss Stage and Single Elimination Bracket can be found in last week's preview of NA Qualifier 4.

EU Qualifier 4 schedule and where to watch

All five rounds of the London Major EU Qualifier 4 Swiss Stage occur on Friday, May 3. Every match from each round happens simultaneously and the first round begins at 8:00 a.m. PDT. An overview of the Swiss Stage, featuring a few select matches, will be streamed on the Rocket League Twitch and RL Esports YouTube.

However, due to constantly having multiple ongoing matches at once, each team has the liberty of streaming its own matchups. Some teams delegate this to a signed content creator, while others hire casters and even small production teams to cover their roster's matches.

Below are all of the teams competing in EU Qualifier 4 and any currently known team stream links:

Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5 are for the Single Elimination Bracket playoff. All four Quarterfinals take place on Saturday, with the Semifinals and Grand Final playing out on Sunday.

The London Major EU Qualifier 4 playoff bracket will begin at 8:00 a.m. PDT and all matches will be live on the Rocket League Twitch and RL Esports YouTube.

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