The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2022-2023 has been announced and here is all we know about the upcoming season.

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2022-2023 has finally been announced! We will see the best of the best in the Rocket League scene competing for a total of six million dollar prize pool for this season. Continuing the name format of the championship from last season, the RLCS 2022-2023 offers the same excitement with a little few tweaks for the upcoming season.

The announcement comes after the community has been in an array of anticipation and excitement. Let's see what the next season of the Rocket League Championship Series will offer us.

The season is still split into three: Fall, Winter, and Spring

Fall, Winter, and Spring Major Champions of RLCS 2021-2022
Fall, Winter, and Spring Major Champions of RLCS 2021-2022

The three splits season is here to stay since its announcement from Season X in 2021. Psyonix is looking more for year-over-year stability and this format has been quite efficient in giving the Rocket League's scene the stability it needed.

One of the changes from last season is the name standardization of the Regionals Splits, which are now going to be called an Open, a Cup, and an Invitational.

As per last season, each Split will feature a different format:

  • Fall Split: 16-team Swiss Stage followed by an eight-team, single-elimination bracket
  • Winter Split: Four groups of four in a round-robin group stage followed by a 12-team, single-elimination bracket
  • Spring Split: 16-team, double-elimination bracket

Fall Split and Spring Split will maintain the same format as last season. Meanwhile, the Winter Split will go through a 12-team single-elimination bracket instead of the double-elimination bracket. This will give a bye to the 1st seed of each group, where they will sit out of the first round of the elimination match.

This change is a refreshing one that followed the negative feedback of the previous Winter Split format to bring a more balanced outcome from the group stage.

Regional 3 will be invitational only

Regional 3 of each Split, or renamed the Invitational, will be as the name suggested: invitational only. These will be determined by the region's top 16 teams with the most RLCS points of the season. This is different than last season when the top eight teams with the most split ranking point were auto-qualified for the regional.

The first and the second Regional will have the same invitational format as last season. This means auto-qualification for the top eight teams with overall points and the other eight teams will be from the Open Qualifiers. This is with the exception of the Fall Open, where we will have fully Open Qualifiers to fill the sixteen slots of each region.

The major invitational structure stays the same

We will see the same exact invitational structure this season:

  • North America (NA): Five teams
  • Europe (EU): Five teams
  • Oceania (OCE): Two teams
  • South America (SAM): Two teams
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC): One team
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA): One team

The majors will maintain a 16-team tournament, following specific quotas for each region. This structure will also mean that we still will not be seeing Sub-Saharan Africa teams in the majors until the end of the season for the World Championship.

In addition, one huge change will be the merging of the Asia-Pacific North and Asia-Pacific South into a single Asia-Pacific (APAC) RLCS Region. The quota for the APAC region for the World Championship will remain the same.

Lower totals points for the ranking system

The last few seasons saw the usage of points in the hundreds, where a perfect season can score a team a total of 5262 points. This season, we will see a lower-point system where a perfect season will score the team a total of 300 points. The points earned at International Majors will remain heavily weighted over Regional Events.

Rocket League 2022-2023 Season Schedule

The RLCS 2022-2023 Schedule. Image from <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Rocket League</a>
The RLCS 2022-2023 Schedule. Image from Rocket League

The RLCS 2022-2023 will start on October 7 with the Fall Open and will end with the RLCS World Championship on August 13, 2023. You can refer to the full schedule over here.

Fall Split

  • Open: October 7 - October 16
  • Cup: October 20 - October 30
  • Invitational: November 3 - November 13
  • Major: December 8-11

Transfer Window: December 13, 2022 - January 8, 2023

Winter Split

  • Open: January 27- February 5
  • Cup: February 10 - February 19
  • Invitational: February 24 - March 5
  • Major: April 6-9

Transfer Window: April 11 - April 24

Spring Split

  • Open: May 4- May 14
  • Cup: May 18 - May 28
  • Invitational: June 1 - June 11
  • Major: July 6-9

World Championship

  • Wildcard: August 4 - August 6
  • Main Event: August 8 - August 13

Broadcast Information for each region

Here are the official broadcast pages for each RLCS region:

We can already feel the hype for the next season! What do you think of the new season?

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