NRG partnered up with Carvana and NASEF to organize a recruitment esports challenge and to find the best Rocket League content creator.

Have you always wanted to be a part of NRG, which is one of the legendary teams in the Rocket League scene? Well, now is your chance! NRG recently announced the Combine contest, which is a recruitment challenge where they're partnering up with Carvana and the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF) to look for their newest Rocket League content creator.

The challenges are open to residents in the states who are above 18 years old or 16 years old with parental consent. The winner of Combine will receive $10,000 USD alongside a one-year content creator contract with NRG.

Carvana's first endeavor in the esports scene

Carvana has been an industry pioneer in buying and selling used cars online. With this NRG partnership, Carvana is officially making its debut in the esports scene.

"We are inspired by the talent and passion fueling the growth of esports and are excited to collaborate with NRG as we take our brand mantra of driving people happy to the next level with this new partnership," Ryan Keeton, Carvana's co-founder, said.

Brandon Tortora, the head of sales and brand partnerships at NRG, expressed excitement about partnering up with Carvana.

“United by our mutual dedication to technology and crafting outstanding interactive experiences, we are eager to give aspiring talents this stage so they can shine," Tortora said. "This event is not merely a skills challenge, but a platform where we hope to discover and nurture the next generation of Rocket League talent, fostering an environment where dreams can become a reality and possibly unveiling the next big pro in the scene.”

Meanwhile, Claire LaBeaux, the chief marketing officer (CMO) at NASEF, said that the network is always blending play and learning to help students develop relevant career skills.

"The combination of Rocket League gameplay and video production will engage a lot of excited youth in this Combine," LaBeaux added.

Musty and GarretG, part of NRG's Rocket League team
Musty and GarretG, part of NRG's Rocket League team

What are the contest challenges?

Those who wish to join the contest can submit their video entries showcasing their skills and creativity in Rocket League. Submissions will end on Oct. 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Round 1

In the first round of the Combine contest, NRG will choose 16 participants from the video submissions to advance to the next round. NRG will judge the videos based on various metrics such as creativity, showmanship, and overall skill.

Round 2

The second round will feature team scrimmage challenge matches between the participants. Eight participants will be chosen to advance to the next round.

Round 3

Round 3 will be the Rocket League video creation challenge. The participants will have to create a video challenge according to a prompt provided by NRG. The organizer will later judge the content videos. Four participants will then advance to the final round.

Round 4

The participants in the top four will be invited to the NRG Castle in Los Angeles starting Nov. 11. They will meet up with four NASEF participants. Over the course of two days, the participants will compete in Rocket League challenges and competitions. Finally, the best one among the non-NASEF participants will win the one-year content creator contract with NRG alongside a $10,000 USD signing bonus.

How to join the NRG and Carvana Combine contest

If you are interested in joining the NRG and Carvana Combine contest, then you can upload a video showcasing your creativity and skills in Rocket League online. You can post the video on either YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter. Most importantly, you will have to use the hashtag "CarvanaNRGCombine" in your submission.

You can check out some more information about the contest here.

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