Rocket League expert Adam “Lawler” Thorton explains to Esports.GG the impact the new tactical timeout rule could have on the RLCS X.

The new "tactical timeout" rule was announced during the RLCS X Spring Split Championship Sunday. It means teams can now pause mid-series for an additional minute. One extra minute might not seem like much but in Rocket League - which previously only awarded a statutory 60 second break - it could alter the course of a series.

Lawler explained that "Rocket League thrives off simplicity", but went on to say that the new rule could allow backroom staff such as coaches to play a bigger role. He later added it will also likely lead to less casual upsets in the competitive scene.

Tactical timeout will increase impact of coaches

"We now have the capability for a coach that the players trust to say 'hey we just won a really long OT, we had a 12 minute over-time. You guys look drained. Let's take an extra minute', so they could take a breather or discuss strategy," said Lawler.

The Rocket League expert praised the growing involvement of coaches to keep teams mentally strong. As a result games are increasingly lost on skill rather than mental fortitude, "which is adding a level of severity to the game that I really appreciate". The new rule he believes will see coaches have an even greater impact.

Across the majority of mainstream esports titles, coach involvement is on the rise. In VALORANT and CS:GO for example, coaches are now allowed to be present on voice comms during online matches, Meanwhile in Dota 2, coaches have long been a part of the drafting process even during high profile events such as Valve's The International.

"The tactical timeout offers a better product overall for the viewers and fanbase," said Lawler. "For players and teams this extra bit of depth added to the broadcast does make a very big difference. It is also shining some love to the coaches, the unsung heroes."

"I do feel it will make less underdog stories or less upset matches happening," said Lawler. "Some people may not like that, some people may. However, if there is a team that is just feeling it that day, in that flow state. A one minute break is not going to slow that down."