Haunted Hallows 2023 brings The Nightmare Before Christmas to the Rocket League world just in time for Halloween.

The Halloween celebration is already ongoing in Rocket League since mid-October and it is not too late to collect all the ghoulish items! In Haunted Hallows 2023, you can get rewards inspired by Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas by completing challenges. You can also shop in the haunted Item Shop and dress up for two Hallowen-themed Limited Time Modes.

Haunted Hallows Challenges and Rewards

What are treats without the tricks? During the Haunted Hallows 2023 event, there are a lot of rewards to be reaped once you complete the challenges. Listed below are all the challenges of the Halloween events and all the exciting rewards that you can later use to show off on the field.

  • Challenge: Play 5 Online Matches
    • Reward: Vampire Teddy Limited Antenna
  • Challenge: Get 15 Shots in Online Matches
    • Reward: Creep Jar Limited Avatar Border
  • Challenge: Score 15 Goals in Online Matches
    • Reward: Creep Jar Limited Player Banner
  • Challenge: Hit the ball 75 times in Online Matches
    • Reward: Pumpkin King Limited Player Title
  • Challenge: Win by 2 or more Goals in an Online Match
    • Reward: Octane: Crowscare Limited Decal
  • Challenge: Play 20 Online Matches (repeatable five times)
    • Reward: Golden Pumpkin '23 (Turbo, Elevation, and Zephyr Item Series)
  • Challenge: Get 7 First Touches in Online Matches
    • Reward: Bolt Head Limited Topper
  • Challenge: Get 20 Saves, Epic Saves, or Clears in Online Matches
    • Reward: Mayor of Halloween Town Limited Topper
  • Challenge: Play 5 Online Matches in any Casual Playlist
    • Reward: Lock, Shock, & Barrel Limited Topper
  • Challenge: Gain 3XP Level
    • Reward: Vampire Teeth Limited Antena
  • Challenge: Score at least 300 points in 5 Online Matches
    • Reward: Giant Snake Limited Wheels
  • Challenge: Win 10 Online Matches
    • Reward: XP Level Experience Award

Halloween items available in the Rocket League Item Shop during Haunted Hallows

Jack Skellington Bundle

Inspired by the iconic Jack Skellington, the bundle contains one decal, one set of wheels, one topper, one goal explosion, one player anthem, and lastly, one player banner. It is available for 1500 credits.

  • Octane Jack Skellington decal
  • Spiral Hill Wheels
  • Zero Topper
  • Jack Skellington Goal Explosion
  • This is Halloween Player Anthem
  • Jack Skellington Player Banner
Octane Jack Skellington decal<br>
Spiral Hill Wheels<br>
Zero Topper<br>
Jack Skellington Goal Explosion<br>
Jack Skellington Player Banner

Oogie Boogie Bundle

Moreover, we have the Oogie Boogie Bundle available for purchase. The bundle containing one animated decal, one set of wheels, and one boost is available for 800 credits.

  • Oogie Boogie Animated Decal
  • Oogie's Winch Wheels
  • Oogie's Worms Boost
Oogie Boogie Animated Decal<br>
Oogie's Winch Wheels<br>
Oogie's Worms Boost

Sandy Claws Bundle

In addition, the evil Santa Klaus has become the inspiration for the Sandy Claws Bundle. The bundle containing one topper and one set of wheels is available for 500 credits.

  • Sandy Claws Topper
  • Man-Eating Wreath Wheels
Sandy Claws Topper<br>
Man-Eating Wreath Wheels

Individual items

  • Sally Decal - 300 credits
  • Jack Skellington Goal Explosion - 800 credits
  • This is Halloween Player Anthem - 300 credits
Sally Decal
Sally Decal

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mega Bundle

The mega bundle indeed contains all the Halloween items in the Haunted Hallows 2023 event, including three decals, three wheels, and two toppers. You will also obtain one player banner, one boost, one 1 goal explosion, and one player anthem. In addition, you can get the bundle for 2,000 credits.

  • Octane: Jack Skellington Decal
  • Oogie Boogie Animated Decal
  • Sally Decal
  • Spiral Hill Wheels
  • Man-Eating Wreath Wheels
  • Oogie's Winch Wheels
  • Zero Topper
  • Sandy Claws Topper
  • Jack Skellington Player Banner
  • Oogie's Worms Boost
  • Jack Skellington Goal Explosion
  • This is Halloween Player Anthem

Haunted Hallows Limited Time Mode

As per usual, Limited Time Mode is available during the Haunted Hallows event and it is surely bringing the Halloween spirit onto the field. There will be two Limited Time Modes available during the event.

  • Spooky Cube

The 3v3 mode takes place in the Farmstead (Spooky) Arena and instead of the default Rocket League ball, a jack-o-lantern takes its place. In addition, the haunted pumpkin will move with extra bounciness and maximum speed to add more excitement to your Halloween.

  • Haunted Heatseeker

The beloved Heatseeker mode once again making a come back this season with a haunted twist. The ball will automatically seek the opposing net once a player hits it. So you better act fast and hit the ball as frequently as you can!

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