G1 (Gamers First) is alleged to have not paid players, staff, and talent for a pair of Rocket League events.

Esports organization Gamers First (G1) has reportedly missed a series of payments to both its players and multiple tournament winners. Allegations of missing payments and unpaid staff have surfaced on social media, culminating in a series of reports about the company.

The first report, published today by Esports Insider, alleges that G1 is yet to pay the prize winnings from the embattled Women’s Car Ball circuit. Furthermore, staff from the circuit had reportedly not been paid since March.

G1 missing payments allegations

In the wake of this report, Rocket League player Adrián “ByMateos” Mateos stated on X that G1 hadn’t paid its Rocket League team since March. ByMateos was previously a player for G1 in 2022, and subbed for them in 2023.

Fellow Rocket League player Finlay “rise.” Ferguson also chimed in to claim that his team, Oxygen Esports, was not paid their winnings from the G1 Invitational in January. Oxygen Esports won that tournament and were set to take home a $5,000 portion of the $10,000 prize.

That tournament also featured ByMateos as part of the English Broadcast team, but the player hasn’t revealed whether he was paid for that event. 

Other signs that everything isn’t okay in G1 came as former members of the organization’s Rocket League team posted hints at missing payments. Coach Javier “Kael” Ojeda Gálvez, who was released from G1 in late July, said “There’s still some stuff to manage with them so hopefully it will be sorted out soon” in a recent post.

On July 31 he posted “Patience has its limits…”

Exasperated, esports commentator Sean Rogers took to X to post his disapproval about G1’s alleged business practices.

Overall, this paints a picture of an organization that has consistently missed payments to its Rocket League event winners and players. G1 currently operates teams in Halo, Rocket League, and Trackmania. It’s unknown if its issues affect all its teams or are isolated to Rocket League.

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