The top 30 Rocket League Esports Winnings list has undergone a huge shift after Gamers8’s massive contribution to the overall Rocket League prize winnings.

Following the conclusion of the Gamers8 2022 Rocket League event, which contributed $2 million USD to Rocket League esports winnings, a huge shift in the all-time earnings has taken place. With this enormous influx of prize money, it’s time to check out some stats. We have seen a huge shift in the top 30 of overall prize winnings, so let’s see who is on the updated list:

OrganizationEarnings (USD)
2G2 Esports$1,057,397
3Team Vitality$1,053,294
6Team BDS$737,027
7FURIA Esports$653,400
10Team Envy$460,651
11Guild Esports$443,125
12FaZe Clan$430,520
13Team Falcons$365,509
14Endpoint CeX$325,546
15FlipSid3 Tactics$290,089
16Team Queso$280,713
17Ground Zero Gaming$280,065
18Ghost Gaming$252,999
20Complexity Gaming$247,522
21PSG Esports$216,420
22Gale Force Esports$214,489
23True Neutral$193,886
24FC Barcelona$187,824
25We Dem Girlz$184,924
27Evil Geniuses$157,814
30The Peeps$148,430
Source: Liquipedia

Most of the teams on the list have been active since the earlier days of the Rocket League competitive scene. NRG Esports stays on top of the list with a $384,911 difference from second place. Their history dates back to 2016, giving them a head start ahead of other teams. Team BDS, a fairly new team who has been active since 2020, is now sixth on the list. This can be attributed to their dominance in the European region of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) for Season X and for Season 2021-2022.

Inactive teams on the Top 30 Rocket League Esports Winnings

A few teams have retired their Rocket League roster and will soon be left behind as the new upcoming teams climb up the list. Out of the thirty teams listed, nine of them have either disbanded, are inactive, or have had their roster bought by other organizations. For instance, FlipSid3 Tactics, which housed Francesco “kuxir97” Cinquemani, retired in 2019. The winner of RLCS Season 6, Cloud 9 has also retired their roster of Kyle “Torment” Storer, Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda, and Jesus “gimmick” Parra in 2020. Furthermore, FC Barcelona has not been active since the last RLCS 2021-2022 Fall Split.

Flipsid3 Tactics Win RLCS Season 2 Image
FlipSid3 Tactics, the champion of RLCS Season 2

In addition, Team Queso’s roster is transferred to Moist Esports and The Peeps was acquired by FaZe Clan. Meanwhile, Gale Esports is also no longer as their roster was acquired by Team Dignitas.

Notable changes on the Top 30 Rocket League Esports Winnings

The most jaw-dropping jump comes from FURIA Esports, which was placed 25th before Gamers8 and had flown up the list to number seven. Previously, they had an overall winning of $153,400 USD, of which 67.36% is from their Regional wins of the RLCS 2021-2022. They are also currently the top team with the most winnings this year.

FURIA Esports during Gamers8 2022 Rocket League

G2 Esports did not perform well in the Gamers8, landing them the 13th-16th places. But that doesn’t stop them from bringing home $25,000 USD, bumping them up to second place with just over $4,000 USD in difference from Team Vitality in the third place. Furthermore, Guild Esports after winning $300,000 USD from Gamers8 skyrocketed from 31st place to 11th place. They are quite high on the list for a team that has only won three gold and two silvers in the Rocket League competitive scene.

Team Falcons managed to climb ten steps to number 13th on the list after winning $200,000 USD by placing 3th-4th in Gamers8. This is another achievement for them after recently winning second place in Spring Major of the RLCS 2021-2022 when they won $60,000 USD.

Team Falcons during Spring Major RLCS 2021-2022

FaZe Clans are quite new in the Rocket League scene but they have been pretty consistent throughout the competitive season. Previously before Gamers8, they won $230,520 USD. With the addition of the 3th-4th prize of $200,000 USD, they took a few steps up the ladder to 12th place on the list.

World Championship is coming with the largest prize pool in RLCS history

The list will go through another huge shift this coming August with the contribution of the prize pool from the RLCS 2021-2022 World Championship. There are a total of $2,085,000 USD to be distributed, with a huge chunk of $600,000 USD going to the champion of the tournament.

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