The CRL World Championship makes new history as Dr. Buhmann School & Academy becomes the first European team to win the world championship.

The Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) World Championship returned for the second season in 2023, serving us with the ultimate Rocket League intercontinental competition for the collegiate Rocket League. The major competition brought together the North American and European teams in a deadly battle of rocket-powered soccer.

The CRL World Championship finals took place at the DreamHack Dallas 2023 in Dallas, United States for three days from June 3 to June 5. The champion is bringing back their share of a $75,000 USD prize pool along with the pride of their region.

Dr. Buhmann School & Academy find success in their debut season

Dr. Buhmann School & Academy is an international private school and academy in Hannover, Germany. The team previously won the UniRocketeers Spring 2022-23, one of the highest-level Collegiate Rocket League tournaments for the EU region. The competing roster is as follows:

  • Florian "Zeddo" Rahden
  • Nicolas "pzy" Steinhauser
  • Fabian "Fabso" Buß
  • Sascha "sascha :)" Timm (substitute)
  • Julian "Phoenix" Braun (coach)
Dr. Buhmann School & Academy player roster (Image from Rocket League Esports)
Dr. Buhmann School & Academy player roster (Image from Rocket League Esports)

The team was joined by five other top European teams to the second CRL World Championship to face ten other North American teams.

Europe's first win in the CRL World Championship

The last World Championship saw the crowning of Northwood Blue from Michigan, USA as the first World Champion. European teams who were there in the 2022 CRL World Championship did not even make it to the top 8 as they bowed out earlier in the group stage.

This time, the European CRL scene showed great improvement and four European teams advanced to the playoffs. It was an exciting event when Dr. Buhmann managed to get a grand final against Fisher College from Massachusetts, USA.

The grand final then extended to game seven, with a strong competitive spirit between a North American team and a European team. However, Fischer College was overrun by Dr. Buhmann's aggressiveness which then led to the European team winning the CRL World Championship.

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