We provide our best and rarest Rocket League items in 2021. They may be rare but damn do they look good.

Climbing the ranked ladder in Rocket League is the most important goal for most players. However, the tedious climb always feels better when you look great as well. Cosmetics and animations are attached to players’ cars so that they can ride in style.

Although there are countless skins and items in the game, some have more value than others. Over time due to monetary value and rarity, equipping certain items will show off your prestige in Rocket League esports. Here is a look at eight of the rarest items in Rocket League.

Rocket League Gold Nugget
image credit: Dot Esports

Gold Nugget Antenna

Antennas can distract competitive players, but they are fashionable accent pieces to add to a vehicle. Most players will not attach an antenna unless it is a rare one like the Gold Nugget Antenna. This item is one of the rarest items in the game. Players got it as a gift in the beta of 2014. Now, you can only get this item through trading with an extremely high asking price.

Black Dieci Wheels
image credit: PHolder

Black Dieci Wheels

Dieci wheels were once a common item. However, over time you would find fewer and fewer players with them. The variations of these wheels are more difficult to find and to get your own, you will need to trade for them.

Gold Rush
image credit: YouTube

Gold Rush

There have been many Boost Animations in Rocket League. None approach Gold Rush as far as distinction. Players in the alpha got this boost around 2014, and it’s additionally the go-to Boost Animation of many expert players. Like many restrictive things, it’s difficult to get a Gold Rush as an in-game drop, and you’ll have to get your duplicate through exchanging.

Gold Cap Rocket League
image credit: Reddit

Gold Cap

Alpha and beta cosmetics may look obsolete compared to the current ones. However, there is a lot of rare loot from back then. Gold Cap is considerably more uncommon than the Gold Nugget Antenna since Psyonix gave it to dynamic players during Rocket League’s alpha stage. An “Alpha” composing is engraved before the beginning of the game, permitting you to grandstand that you’ve been playing Rocket League since the start.

image credit: Dot Esports

Goldstone Wheels

For “ alpha” players, it seems like the common theme of their rewards is the color gold. Only alpha players got the Goldstone Wheels, and the only way to get your own version of this item will cost a player a considerable amount, which also increases their value. This makes these wheels one of the rarest items in Rocket League.

Monstercat Wheels
image credit: Rocket League

Monstercat Wheels

The collaboration of Rocket League x Monstercat: Greatest was a testament to the players. The music producer created this vinyl with the emotions that players deal with through the ebb and flow of their matches. However, players got wheels with music. The players that did purchase the soundtrack got the Monstercat Wheels. They are best known for the passive sound effects they make during matches.

Titanium White Dominus Rocket League
image credit: YouTube

Titanium White Dominus

Vehicles in Rocket League all have different specializations that make them all effective. The Dominus is not the most popular vehicle type amongst players; however, since it is not as common in today’s meta, its rarity saw a massive increase. The Titanium White Dominus skin was once available through crafting, but Psyonix removed it when other new skins came around. This skin is so rare now you will only come across it in the market.

White Hat Topper Rocket League
image credit: Dot Esports

White Hat Topper

The White Hat Topper is easily the rarest and most impressive item in Rocket League. Most rare items you had to be a player from the beginning or had to be in attendance of a major event in Rocket League’s evolution as a game. Psyonix awards this item to players who have found game-breaking glitches or exploits in Rocket League.

This item is nearly impossible to find in the market, and if you do, the price will be astronomical. Due to the extremely low quantity, your best option is to find bugs in Rocket League regularly.

If this has got you feeling like wanting to get back into Rocket League, be sure to check our guide to the current ranked system!